Filming is Prohibited!

Recently, a VIP member secretly attempted to film his date during their encounter. When she suspected foul play and called him on it the malicious behavior ended. We were shocked because the wrongdoing came from a VIP member we know well and whom we would have otherwise never questioned. To be quite honest, we felt betrayed because we like to play fair and that VIP member broke the moral code of discretion. It really hurts our feelings to think that someone we trusted in the past actually tried to exploit one of our independent escorts to his own advantage.

Bad deeds yield bad results

Those who attempt exploitation by filming their date will be permanently banned from City Girls Club. It disappoints us to take severe measures against this infringement but we are left with no other course of action. After all, would you, gentleman reader that you are feel comfortable with your date filming you during your most private moments? Not to mention that the film would be somewhere out there in the world for anyone to view (internet, maybe?) bearing it all in your birthday suit. What a frightful violation.


What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors

Yes, we suppose self-filming of the frolic between two admirers could be rather stimulating but only if your date consents. It is certainly more fun to anticipate a second date with her which is why we encourage all of our VIP members to keep things on the up and up. While we do not condone any kind of filming, approved or not, at least have the decency to ask permission of your escort. We are of the opinion that it is better not to go there at all.

With all due respect for our models

As you all know, we stand behind our models (and of course, our VIP members) and want all of our gorgeous independent escorts to feel 100% confident when meeting with their dates. We never want our ladies to have any doubt about their safety or that any VIP member cannot be trusted. City Girls is their haven. Gents, we are counting on you to do the right thing.


When a Hobbyist Wants to Marry an Escort

When a dating engagement is carefully measured, considering all aspects of compatibility, the stage is set for explosive chemistry. Such is the scenario when a hobbyist pursues the company of a companion or courtesan who excels in the girl friend experience. Most likely, he is not looking for permanent love. But if he seeks emotional and/or psychological fulfillment or restoration from loneliness, his heart becomes vulnerable. Factor in his escort’s physical splendor and charismatic personality and he becomes a bulls eye target for amour.

hobbyist marrying an escort

While this may appear as a scary question due to the nature of her work as a companion, what man really knows the difference in the beginning of any love relationship? Romance and matters of the heart involve powerfully blinding emotions that can skew the good judgment of anyone.

Is it really love or just infatuation?

There are no guarantees in any relationship and if there were, insurance companies would bank! There are men and women alike who come from multiple divorces, dysfunctional families, broken homes and even abusive backgrounds. Someone, please reveal the ideal formula for a marriage that does not end. Even childhood sweethearts with storybook families end up divorced. Who is to say that the hobbyist/escort romance cannot tie the knot and prevail indefinitely?

sugra relationship

Is he headed down the sugar daddy path?

There is a chance that if she stops working in order to devote her time exclusively to her man and their relationship, her income will vanish. Both parties must check within themselves for genuineness of their involvement. Further, supporting a partner is a financial and emotional responsibility (regardless of his net worth) which can burden the relationship if not handled openly and with clear intent. However, if hobbyist turned fiancé accepts his role as main breadwinner, they are in love and escort turned future wife agree, then it is not a sugar relationship.


Will she continue working as an independent escort if they marry?

Now here is an interesting twist that defies all convention. Admittedly, there are those marriages in which an escort remains same with knowledge and acceptance of her husband. Are they swingers? Do they have children? Does he fully accept what she does for a living? Personally, I do not know what the divorce rate is of such a unique demographic, but who cares? Even the most conservative couples divorce for a myriad of reasons. Often when an escorting couple divorces, the split is caused by reasons indirectly related to the act of escorting itself.

escort and hobbyist married

Will she sign an annulment?

Doing so may be considered a true test of love. While I understand how a gentleman would want to protect his assets, especially if he has an x-wife who took him to the cleaners during the divorce process, many women find the proposition offensive. Truthfully, two people should marry for nothing but love and a balanced ability of both parties to support each other spiritually, mindfully and psychologically. But that is not the way the world works for most.

Proceed with caution and wisdom

Perhaps the most difficult challenge for the hobbyist who wants to marry his escort is honoring the deepest corners of his integrity. He should remain clear about his true intentions with a sharp eye focused on the fate of his future. In the end, both parties should remember that despite what conventional society has to say, what do they know? If there was a perfect formula for marriage then no one would be divorced.

With boundless kisses, Chloe xoxo

Decoding Your Fantasies

Picture the hobbyist in a tepid marriage where sparks have long disappeared. The kids have flown the nest. He loves his wife and does not believe in cheating yet cannot end the marriage due to the tangled nature of their history (mortgages, finances, friends, relatives, grandchildren, etc.). He finds himself looking at other women in ways he never did.

Fantasies provide a necessary escape from the here and now. As long as we do not become too rigid or mistake our fantasies for reality they can be entertaining, distracting and arousing. Ooh la la! The possibilities are endless, especially in the hobby. Let us explore a few broad topics that touch (no pun intended) upon your innermost secrets.

Sensual couple hobbyist escort

Fantasy of the perfect love

Your days are filled with fantasies of a beautiful woman longing for your attention. You yearn for her company and attention. Rather than risk the complications and potential drama of meeting another woman in a conventional manner, you seek the company of a courtesan. Manifested, this situation is more commonly coined as the girl friend experience (GFE). The perfect love can be realized in the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship when taken to the extreme between hobbyist and companion. In either scenario, finding that ideal match comes as close as to intimate perfection as humanly possible. While the situation may be frowned upon or even immoral in the eyes of some, your marriage stays intact while your emotional and physical needs are met.

freedoman escort love hobbyist

The secretive, more perverse side of your desires

While City Girlsindependent escorts tend to be deliciously ‘strawberry, vanilla swirl with whipped cream on top’ if you will, there are those gentlemen who seek ‘triple chocolate peanut butter fudge with nuts on top’, if I may. This is a sweet and sassy way of referring to the kinkier thoughts that inhabit the minds of many (yes, many). Light roll playing, perhaps a bit of fetish or dress up might flight your fancy. Now, while City Girls stops short of classic BDSM, there are those spicy independent escorts who love to kick up their heels with some gentle Domination (call her your Domina or Goddess).

Sensuality is mutual meditation

It is perfectly fine to entertain those lascivious thoughts dwelling in the hidden corners of your mind. Exploring your fantasies with a companion who understands and accepts you can actually improve your quality of living. Realizing your fantasies is invigorating and can instill a sense of freedom.

Turning off auto pilot

If you are a hobbyist or gentleman daydreaming of forbidden erotica perhaps it is time to stop procrastinating and do something about them. There is a common misconception that fantasies objectify and distance partners from one another. It is absolutely untrue. Sharing your secret, sensual cravings can actually promote a strong sense of trust and bring you more in touch with yourself. The private self that does not see work or friends deserves just as much attention. You do not have to be quiet. Just be comfortable and confident about what you want. If you are a newbie in terms of exploring your fantasies, start small and work your way up. Express your desires with your companion to make sure that she too is comfortable. Soon, you will discover kinky bliss!

With a multitude of kinky kisses, Chloe

Psychology of a Healthy Escort

A woman chooses to become an independent escort for a variety of reasons. For some readers, the first thing they think of might be the social stigma surrounding a woman who is an escort. Other gentlemen may read these words with nothing but fond memories of service providers (as some like to be called) who are incredible women in their eyes.

We thought it would be interesting to explore some of the more common traits of an independent escort from a non-escort and non-hobbyist point of view.

expensive car and independent escort
expensive car and independent escort

An independent escort comes from a troubled childhood

This conception is probably one of the most common in conventional society and recognized among some hobbyists. However, one must consider that if we took a hard look at the psychological profile of every non-escort in their profession what we may learn. The point is that most individuals in the general population do not come from storybook backgrounds. While an independent escort may have grown up in a dysfunctional home, she became an adult capable of making rational decisions. However, social spotlight glares on the profession due to the intimate nature of her work, opening her to harsh criticism.

A professional dater hates men

The most obvious pre-requisites for becoming an independent escort are to radiate exceptional beauty and sport a heart stopping figure. Biologically, women are wired to think with their hearts, blurring the lines between emotion and intellect. The most demanding and unspoken requirement of an independent escort is an iron clad ability to maintain distinction between personal and professional feelings and conduct. The task comes easier to some than to others. She must constantly check her reality to make sure that she has not lost her balance in life. The task can be quite dangerous and draining. This is one reason why many companions take breaks from their profession. They need to regroup and reclaim a sense of self. An independent escort must essentially go against her biological grain and maintain distinction between professional and personal. It is a constant psychological workout. She must always remember that her persona is not really her but a distant reflection of who she is at best. When she allows reality and fantasy to mingle, she loses control not only of herself but of her business. She gets hurt. When this happens continuously, she may grow to dislike men.

Style redhead independent escortl with shopping bags.
Style redhead independent escortl with shopping bags.

A professional entertainer loves her job

She is the companion, courtesan or independent escort who has learned to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of professional intimacy. It is an inherent talent that comes natural to her. Such an independent escort knows when to ‘check out’. In other words, she knows when she has finished work and can resume her personal life. A courtesan has mastered balancing the opposing worlds of reality and fantasy and is empowered as a result. Even still, she knows to retreat at some point to rejuvenate and nurture her sense of self.

The wise escort is discerning about who she entertains

Associating with a club such as City Girls provides her with an insurance policy of sorts. She is provided with the peace of mind that her suitors are gentlemen who will treat her with respect. But the escort who is not backed by such a club (or any reputable agency) is on her own. She will not date just anyone for the sake of a date. She has adopted a business model, so to speak. She has a clear vision of what defines her clientele and does not stray from a process that is tried and true. She couples mandatory screening with a refined intuition that work in concert to keep her safe and her business lucrative. The results are magnificent! Her formula attracts clients who compliment her. In turn, her reputation flourishes. Her success snowballs and suddenly her profession as an independent escort flows.

With a multitude of kisses, Chloe xoxo

A Hard Look at Why Men Cheat

Science says that men cheat because they want to. But there are logical (though perhaps unacceptable to some) reasons surrounding this ‘impulse’ why a man cheats or chooses to entertain the affections of another woman when he is involved in a marriage or committed relationship. He is not necessarily a hobbyist though his sensual findings may lead him to hone his escapades into a hobby within the world of beautiful escorts. As human beings we are taught from a young age to mate for life. Is this natural given that the divorce rate is so high in the States?

Upset young couple having marital problems or a disagreement lying side by side in bed facing in opposite directions ignoring one another. Interracial couple, Asian woman, Caucasian man.
Upset young couple having marital problems or a disagreement lying side by side in bed facing in opposite directions ignoring one another. Interracial couple, Asian woman, Caucasian man.

She’s not putting out

Often, something happens in a marriage or relationship in which both parties reach a stalemate in terms of sex. It happens often on the woman’s side where she simply looses interest in intimacy with her husband. It could be that she gains weight after mothering their children and feels undesirable, her husband becomes unattractive in her eyes after the newness wears off or the stress and anxiety of daily living withers away at her libido. While a wife may make peace within her sexless marriage, the husband may seek to quell his naturalistic needs with the girlfriend attention of a companion.

testosteron production

Underscoring your manhood

Something happens to a man when he reaches andropause, the change of life for males, the equivalent of menopause in women. In efforts to recapture his zest for life, he seeks to re-discover what once came so naturally in his virile years. There are many companions or courtesans who make a huge impact in the life of a gentleman in replenishing his self-confidence and restoring his old sense of self. Of course, there are always the likes of Viagra, cialis or levitra to aid in testosterone production which complement the sweeter side of bonding behind closed doors that shall remain unmentioned. Sugar daddies, you know who you are.

Won’t divorce until the kids are in college

In the olden days, marriage represented an idealistic notion, the fusion of two souls forever. While there are those couples who continue to perfect this crusade by the grace of God, others not so successful embrace a tangle of family and financial obligations by fulfilling their unmet carnal needs with outside sources known as independent escorts. For many, it is simply a better socioeconomic alternative (sometimes quietly accepted by the Mrs.) to stay in a hapless marriage and seek gratification outside of wedlock until financial or family obligations justify otherwise.

Broken heart
Broken heart

The love is gone

Cast aside cerebral fluff in the aforementioned paragraph. Here we have hard core, ‘there aint no lovin’ left in this relationship’ type situation. What motivates a man to become a hobbyist in such a scenario is an open forum of theories that the reader can entertain on his or her own accord. Perhaps there exists a friendship between husband and wife, a divine roommate arrangement of sorts in which they are tied at the proverbial hip and the notion of divorce is worse than the worst marriage. Plus, it’s draining and can blast a hole in your wallet.

She (or he) had an affair

Well. If your wife or husband had an affair, either she or he is extremely horny, immoral or you as her or his partner are not making the lustful grade. Whatever the reason, none are really defendable because however deteriorated the marriage that led to the wandering is now overshadowed by a seemingly weak and promiscuous nature. Enter a host of insurmountable problems that tarnish any chances of revival. Trust in the foundation of any healthy relationship. Given the complications of life, seeking the outside company of an independent escort is often a soothing solution and in some cases can actually repair a dysfunctional marriage. Whoa.

City Girls, PhD

Not. Exploring the underlying characteristics of why men and women go astray is something not often talked about in the hobby. While we are masters of pleasure (if we may toot our horns as such), we seek to bring an element of familiarity that calls upon little secrets that linger in many minds of hobbyists, wives and independent escorts alike.

Sexy Women’s Shoes That Hobbyists Love

High heels turbo-charge an independent escort’s sexiness. Not only is she empowered by her increased sensuality but her hobbyist friends are smitten by her fervor.

But not every heel is for every man, especially if he has a particular fetish (you know who you are). As a hobbyist, what women’s shoes cause your libido to race and your blood to boil? Let’s sink our soles into a few:

Pumps add flair to a woman’s legs on the ground and in the air

Even the most conservative of women will notice a lady whose legs are lengthened by the dignified pump. While the pump may linger a bit more on the conservative side, it is quite versatile and can add panache to almost any ensemble, even raising a brow in the kinky world of fetish. When coupled with a mini skirt or short dress you’ve got yourself an erotic winner of a combo! While the pump might not reveal an escort’s beautifully manicured toes, it praises her delicate arch and feminine ankle begging to be caressed, then removed in the heat of a [most probably final] moment. Hobbyists, mind your manners and be sure to greet her feet with much-deserved welcome kisses.

Stilettos spell molten hotness that scream, “Come get me!”

A woman who selects the stiletto over a plethora of choices feels at least a little sexy about herself. Her toes are usually well-manicured and her heels (should be) buttery soft as all are on display. She is aware that men will check her out whether she’s at a night club, restaurant or grocery store. In short, stilettos provide carte blanche to attractiveness for any woman who is willing to wear them. The key as I’m sure all hobbyists will agree is that she appears relatively comfortable in her stride.

Mules celebration of her feet

Whether regaled with black satin in the boudoir or simmered down with patent leather in the office,the mule rejoices a woman’s elegance and she knows it. The mule is underscored by hyper femininity and appeals to the carnal desires of every man, especially the foot worshiper. Who wouldn’t be turned on?

Boots done right speak miles about an escort’s intentions

Picture this: she is scaling the streets of San Francisco in high wedge boots with stockings, scarf and a mini skirt; she just entered the restaurant sporting black leather boots that hug her calves with bare, tanned legs above; she greets you in the privacy of your hotel suite adorned in thigh high patent leather boots blessed with a whisper of lingerie and a hint of fragrance. Catch my drift? Boots carry a wide range of appeal from the most conservative to the most erotic! It is all up to the independent escort who knows how to make them work for her.

City Girls commemorates the high heel with zeal!

We are devoted to exploring all that pleasure has to offer on many levels. What strikes your fancy? As a hobbyist, what escort’s shoe is sexy to you? Whether it’s casual and classy or sexy and naughty, a woman’s shoe is the beginning of an upward scan to so much more. Enough said.

How to Detect Chemistry

Ever fantasized about an independent escort who completes you? She makes you feel like a million bucks not to mention a GQ model. Beyond the obvious, there are many different types of chemistry. They don’t always jump out and grab you unless you know what to look for.

Storybook style sexual chemistry

Sort of a temporary chemistry, sexual chemistry is also known as lust and can be profound but dissipate soon after an encounter. Don’t get me wrong. Great sex can intensely satisfy that physical urge. While it might not seem like much, sharing a magnetic physical attraction with someone can be quite fulfilling and even lead to genuine feelings over time, in the right situation. Physical chemistry is not possessive and can be felt toward more than one person at a time. Sexual chemistry can also trigger that pleasure center in the brain that produces dopamine.

Touchy-feely comfort zone

Have you ever met an independent escort with whom you have an incredible repoire where you can totally be you? She is the kind of lady whom you feel as though you’ve known forever, almost like you are talking to yourself. While she may offer the girlfriend experience, it goes way beyond that. It feels as though the two of you are one, the sort of chemistry that can lead to passion that you’ve never known!

Laughter is nature’s best medicine

Laughter breaks boundaries, warms moods and ignites attraction. Just imagine that you have had a bad day. You have a date planned with an independent escort and hope that it goes smoothly and enjoyably. Her personality is light and witty and soon the two of you find yourselves smiling and laughing and having fun. Laughter is an incredible chemistry that can intensify attraction.

She’s the yin and you’re the yang

Often, a hobbyist seeks the company of an independent escort who compliments his good parts or masks his flaws. While a hobbyist and an independent escort may differ in looks, style and/or personality, it is such contrasts that trigger powerful chemistry causing them to feel like well-rounded people. Further, when the two share common interests on any level, a bond is created. Just imagine!

City Girls want you to have it all!

The next time you schedule an engagement with an independent escort, having an awareness of the different types of chemistry will only serve to enhance your time together. Whether your experience is an abbreviated moment in time, an overnight extravaganza or an ongoing tryst, knowing what signs to look for in your chemistry will add a magical touch to your date.

Feminism and who is a Feminist Hobbyist?

For starters, feminism is a rather loud topic that many people prefer to stay away from much less talk about. But it’s hard to ignore. Despite its simplicity in concept, it is a subject that can provoke sexist opinions or inspire valuable perspectives.

is multi-angular, affecting everyday life from dating and sex to office politics. For centuries it has adversely and favorably impacted social, political and economic values. Hobbyists, what is your position in the equation?

Are you a gentleman who supports feminism? There are plenty of hobbyists (or punters if you are reading these words from the United Kingdom) who respect their companions as equals. Why shouldn’t they?

Feminism in a nutshell

Feminism means different things to different people:

  • A doctrine that inspires belief in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes
  • A movement that seeks to eliminate discrimination against women
  • A concept that believes not in male bashing because one sex is not better than the other

Benefits of feminism

Thanks to the movement, women are ‘more like men’ more than ever before. Today’s modern woman is strong and motivated enough to take care of herself. She seeks adventure and independence and does not believe that her success should be curtailed by society’s limitations. An independent escort is the perfect example of a woman who believes in feministic values. Feminism encourages women to achieve their dreams just as men do.

Feminism implies friends with benefits

Sex is now more casual than ever. Friends or acquaintances that have an understanding to ‘indulge in each other’ free from the complications of a relationship is a trend that has evolved in the last twenty years. The benefits are clear as long as both parties are honest about their intentions and do not harbor secret agendas in hopes for more. ‘Friends with benefits’ is a baggage-free way of enjoying each other in a simple approach that can ignite unbridled passion. Convenience is a huge factor, leaving enjoyment just a phone call away.

Through feminism guys can be themselves

Empowerment of women has leveled the playing field as a by-product of feminism, thus relaxing the rules of etiquette. However, a fog of mixed messages hovers over the dating process about what is and is not expected of men. Though guys enjoy more freedom of expression (especially in a hobbyist/companion relationship) a woman will always appreciate gentlemanly gestures!

There are many male celebrities who support feminism such as George Clooney, Matt Damon and Anderson Cooper

In American culture, there is this idea that women want to take away men’s rights. That is ludicrous and not at all what feminism is about. As a hobbyist, while you may not consider yourself a feminist, if you believe in equality of the sexes and equal rights, you may be. Ending worldwide violence against women is a prevailing cause of feminism lead by Ted Bunch, co-founder of A Call to Men: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women. Google it.

City Girls takes a bow to those hobbyists who believe that independent escorts (and all women for that matter) are not second class citizens. Injustice or disrespect to any human being is a crime against humanity and we salute those who respect genders equally!

Looks or Personality? The Most Important Factors in Escorting, Part I

In the competitive industry of independent escorting, flaming hot good looks will attract hobbyists to you. A bright and charismatic personality coupled with talents inherent in an independent escort will draw repeat clients. This is the winning combination crucial for the independent escort who wants to be successful!

Attraction encompasses much more than just the physical

Here’s a silly analogy but you will get the idea: imagine receiving a beautiful gift for your birthday ornately wrapped and tied with a silk bow. When you open the box in sheer anticipation, it is empty. How disappointed would you be? As an independent escort, if the box is your physique and the content is your personality, a hobbyist is going to be disappointed if he is left with nothing. You will hear hobbyists talk about ‘how beautiful’ or ‘how hot’ she was. But you will also hear comments about how engaging, interesting or genuine she was. Good looks will get your foot in the door with a gentleman. Your sparkling personality will cause him to want to see you again and again.

The world is saturated with beautiful women

If you are just starting out as an independent escort, you may get by for a while on just your ravishing looks. But there is more dimension to a successful escort than just her physical charm. With so many beautiful women in the world from which a hobbyist can choose, what sets you apart from the rest? At the end of the day, the world will not stop for your mouth-watering looks. Humble yourself and ask, “how can I better myself?”

Create repeat clients with your personality

When a hobbyist is at ease, he is more likely to relax and reveal his desires to you. Accommodate your client with the charisma of your personality. When you yourself are relaxed, inviting, engaging and understanding, you provide a sanctuary of comfort which is exactly what a gentleman is looking for.

Learn how to ‘read’ the needs and desires of a hobbyist

Evaluation of your client may present somewhat of a challenge that eventually you will master if you set your mind to it. Flexibility and intelligence play a big role in ‘reading’ or interpreting his fantasies. Is he a casual guy looking for fun? Is he a corporate figure stressed who needs to unwind? Is he entangled in a troubled relationship and needs your understanding? Always be polite and never uptight. Smile and maintain your sunny disposition. It is your job to move him into your comfort zone. Regardless, you can be sure that he will make the most of your time together. But it is your job to give him more. Give him an experience that will resound in his memory causing him to want to see you again and again.

All that glitters is not always gold

Independent escorting is not a mindless job. There is a psychological element to escorting and those companions who ‘get it’ are the ones who prevail with success. Hobbyists seek the girl friend experience from an independent escort who is understanding and talented. Set your mind to these tasks and you will succeed! Stay tuned for part two of this topic. There is so much more to talk about!

Claiming Your Inner Sex Goddess

Ladies, our sex goddess is within all of us. She is our guiding intuition, our sense of self and moral and behavioral compass. Sex goddess within enables us to enjoy life as confident, capable, sacred and savvy human beings.

A sex goddess is a female deity that is a natural being with superhuman powers and qualities thought to be divine and sacred bringing humans to new levels of consciousness. In Tibetan Buddhism, the highest achievement any person can acquire is to become like the ‘great’ female Buddhas who are depicted as supreme protectors, fearless and filled with compassion for all beings.

What makes a sex goddess?

A sex goddess does not let it all hang out. She is well-mannered and never absentminded about small details such as filing her nails, chewing gum or applying makeup in front of her man. It doesn’t matter how well she knows him. She is sensitive and tender yet strong and bold. When she gets angry, she can turn into a roaring lion with infuriating behavior but sexy at the same time. She is passionate about even the smallest of details such as the food that she eats. She is not a picky eater limited to just salad! When speaking with her man, she will look him straight in the eyes, giving him her undivided attention which is so very seductive.

A sex goddess cares about the men in her life

An independent escort in touch with her inner goddess is one who cares about her man but stops short of mothering him. For example, if it’s cold outside, she may suggest wearing a warmer coat but she won’t insist. If he does not heed her advice, that’s his choice!

A true sex goddess is defineds by the finer details

Every escort can be a true sex goddess. She knows how to keep her man slightly off balance and always feeling sexy and desirable by noticing and mentioning little details that turn her on. It could be the scent of his cologne, the muscle tone in his legs, how his voice turns her on when they talk on the phone or a particular lovemaking technique that drives her crazy. An escort who has mastered her inner goddess is not shy about leaving a small gift in the briefcase or coat pocket of her man. But she’ll do it infrequently, when he least expects it because she knows what a powerful aphrodisiac such a gesture can be.

Being a sex goddess takes work

Being a sex goddess goes hand in hand with being aprivate companion. Don’t worry. It takes work just like anything else. But it can be done! It takes time, planning and most of all, determination. Radiating confidence, dressing a powerful (but not overwhelming) presence and walking with strong posture oozes sex appeal. Knowing that you look fantastic and turn heads from men who desire you are empowering attributes of a sex goddess. Always remember, less is more in evoking a man’s imagination.

A sex goddess knows and accepts herself on all levels

The true marks of a sex goddess, especially as an independent escort, are maintaining emotional, spiritual and physical well being. She knows herself well, loves fearlessly, speaks with authenticity and diplomacy and knows what is right for her. She is gracious, dignified and generous.

City Girls honors the feminine divine within every one of its Club Members

All women deserve to be treated as goddesses and not just in relation to sex. All relationshipsrequire devotion and it is only then that the Gods and Goddesses are revealed in all of us.