How GFE Can Increase Your Self Image


Intimacy comes in many different flavors beyond the physical. Consider the gentleman who seeks the company of a true GFE escort in an effort to fortify his self perception. It is not a coincidence that many relationships fall apart because they grow apart, leaving identities and feelings of self-worth in the dust. Lack of intimacy can lead to angst, self-doubt and beliefs of inadequacy. Unconscious desires (or conscious, as it were) and emotional needs can in fact drive a man into the arms of an independent escort whose beauty goes beyond skin deep. But why does he choose the strategy of intimacy for hire versus traditional courting?


GFE represents the red pill into sensual wonderland

If a man has had turbulent, unfulfilling or traumatic experiences with women, turning to the company of a GFE for personal validation can be liberating. We are not referring to the fast food of affection, where you’re in and out in an hour. This GFE-inclined man tends to spend more time with the same lady (or maybe a few), one whom he has deliberately sought out because he believes she is a good match for his needs. He seeks those watershed moments that feed his manly worth and deeply enhance what might otherwise be considered bland life occurrences. His companion takes him by the hand and jumps down the proverbial rabbit hole of passion, satiating his security and validating his self-esteem. In the conventional dating world, it might be years before he discovers this same depth of passion and compatibility with another woman and maybe never.

Masculine validation lies at the core of the girlfriend experience

Perhaps his companion does not even refer to herself as a GFE, that overused term to which we are all so accustomed. She is aware that the sum of her intellect, appearance and style will speak to the gentleman looking for a connection that actually goes way beyond what the acronym implies. In the world of companionship, everyone is looking for something. This man is looking for a transformation, one that will boost his mental and emotional dispositions and one that will amplify his love life.

sugar daddy with sugar baby

Losing the emotional baggage through GFE represents a healing encounter

Is it true that engaging in an ongoing affair with a compatible escort can improve a man’s mental health? Depending on his motivations, we tend to think so. Not getting your physical and emotional needs met can cause loneliness, frustration and isolation. A courtesan as gifted with intuition as she is blessed with stunning good looks can be the catalyst for healing gratification that her gentleman friend needs.

Men who seek the girlfriend experience for psychological gratification are more common than you think

Diminishing affection due to lack of attention from the wife who’s got her own story; demands of work which have all but given you a heart attack or physical impairment that leaves you feeling unattractive are just a few of the motivators that inspire men to look to the GFE for pleasure, healing and elation.

Decoding Body Language, part 2

There are folks who light up a room with good energy. There are others who seem surrounded by an invisible dark cloud casting their spiritual heaviness on those around them.

If you are skeptical about the significance of body language, take this into consideration: since 1996, experts from the Pentagon have studied the body language of fifteen different prominent figures. There are even institutions where you can get certified in body language expertise. This article is the second in a series.


The flirtatious femme fatale


It’s pretty obvious when an escort is flirting with a hobbyist. She will make eye contact, lean toward him, laugh and smile constantly. Due to her sensual tension, she may noticeably touch herself in subtle ways including her jewelry, neck and hair. It is quite flattering for a hobbyist when an independent escort flirts with him because she gives him total affirmation that he can ‘move forward’.

lips femme fatale

The lustful paramour

Lust is an amplified version of flirtation. The situation is charged with erotic nuances in which her eye contact becomes overtly direct and her pupils dilate. Sexy movements are pronounced as she arches her back with chest protruding and legs crossed if she is sitting along with lips slightly parted. Her breath will become heavier and she will find reasons to touch him no matter where they are. For the eager hobbyist, this situation is a slam dunk. She’s into him! He should respond to her actions and well, accept what is being offered.

woman expressioning denial

The disinterested escort

Oh dear. This is not a good situation. Without eye contact the date is grim. Further, if she crosses her arms in front of him or shows signs of awkwardness, fidgeting in an uncomfortable way, she’s faking it. If a hobbyist feels that she is subtly resisting his advances when he tries to get cozy, all bets are off that the date is going to be genuine and one that both enjoy.

escort reviews poor experience

The conflicted companion

A lady who does not truly like her profession as an entertainer (or is simply having a ‘bad hair day’) will display body language that is inconsistent from one moment to the next. Whether she is tired, unhappy or in a bad mood, her gestures can make a hobbyist feel very uncomfortable. She may look into his eyes then abruptly turn away; move a little closer then retreat when he reciprocates. She may seem outgoing but act shyly because she is being reserved. Most likely, she is dealing with outside issues that do not have anything to do with her date (unless her date is a jerk). The best a hobbyist can do in this unfortunate situation is to go with the flow, not force the situation and make the most of it. Body language prevails as the unspoken communication
Women often give off a variety of signals that are mixed, making interpretation a bit challenging. However, chances are that a hobbyist will know when an escort is really into him.

Yummy kisses, Chloe

Happiness and the Art of the GFE

The art of the GFE can be compared to traits of the art of the courtisanerie. In Italy during the Renaissance, the original courtesans were known as cortigiana onesta. These cortigiana were ‘honest courtesans’ in that many were regarded as intellectuals. They were well-educated, worldly and often maintained other careers. A highly refined GFE is an independent companion with traits and characteristics similar to original courtesans.

Psychology of a GFE

There are different layers within the girl friend experience that vary from escort to escort and from culture to culture. A GFE in the truest and deepest sense hones a relationship with her client on a longer term basis. She realizes that contentment is a state of mind out of reach for some gentlemen. Therefore, his happiness becomes her focus. She specializes in all aspects that characterize a true relationship zoning in on the desires and emotional needs of her client.

Young passionate couple of escort and hobbyist holding hand
Young passionate couple of escort and hobbyist holding hand

Is the GFE fantasy or reality?

In most cases, the GFE experience offered by an independent escort is pure fantasy. She spends an hour or two or three with her client and takes him on a euphoric ride to ecstasy. At the conclusion of their engagement, they part ways and he rides a sensual high of fulfillment with memories of her for days to come. He is surrounded of satisfaction, smiling from ear to ear. The GFE experience offered by the companion or courtesan is expressed on a longer term basis. Time spent together spills into reality. She becomes more of a confidante, friend and even travel liaison. He comes to rely on her in certain ways further defining her role as his companion. She fills a void in his life, sometimes many. She completes him, bringing a sense of happiness that in some relationships can last for years. However sacrilegious this may sound to convention, his relationship with her may facilitate the continuation of his marriage and therefore the structure of his inner family.

hobbyist hygiene
Hobbyist washing face with clean water and representing hygiene concept

Where is the art?

A true GFE is refined, intelligent, social, supportive and sensual. She is articulate, often bi- or multi-lingual and might have an alternate or full time career on the side. Her hygiene is impeccable and her physique at its best. Though her attributes and characteristics come natural, she harbors a strong awareness as a courtesan to constantly maintain and improve herself. She cures her image as the ideal companion for upscale gentlemen who seek the company of such a lady. She is sophisticated in the sense that her suitor desires to spend regular and lengthy amounts of time with her. This is because she incites normalcy in his life as the companion that she is by evening out those areas in which he lacks. She instills happiness more as a measured lifestyle rather than a short term burst of excitement. Together, they build meaningful memories. She brings meaning and satisfaction to his life.

Decoding Body Language

Ever get a vibe from your date that something just isn’t right? You’re a hobbyist who is quite the escort enthusiast. But sometimes, a lady can cause you to feel a certain way that is strongly communicated without words. It’s called body language. Your entire body participates in the business of either concealing or displaying your mental state. In the first article of a series, we will take a look at a few clues that will make your escort dating experience sweeter than ever!

An icon set of doodled cartoon smiley faces in a variety of expressions.
An icon set of doodled cartoon smiley faces in a variety of expressions.

What’s really behind that facial expression?

Emotions are expressed through facial expressions. They are the most universal forms of body language. Facial expressions are tied directly to emotions as expressed vividly by an independent escort through the girl friend experience. They may or may not be accurate, sometimes lending to a sense of false happiness. In the dynamic between an escort and a hobbyist, facial expressions can indicate either a sense of detachment or a genuine desire to connect. Joy, anger, fear, surprise and sadness are among the most common emotions tied to facial expressions.

Portrait of beautiful girl with red lips, red manicure. Close up. frizz
Portrait of beautiful girl with red lips, red manicure. Close up. frizz

Oh, those bedroom eyes

Ever heard the expression, ‘the eyes are windows to the soul’? It is quite true! The eyes can reveal a great deal about what an escort is feeling almost like a sneak preview into her psyche. Pay attention to whether or not she makes direct eye contact or breaks the eye contact. When she looks directly into your eyes, she is interested with full attention! But if her gaze is shifty, she could be feeling distracted, uncomfortable or evasive about her feelings. While blinking is natural, too much blinking can be a sign that an escort is feeling distressed or uncomfortable.

young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking
young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking

Arms and legs tell more than you may realize

You’ve just met and are sipping cocktails in the corner of a piano bar. If she positions her chest and legs in your direction, you know that you are the most meaningful thing to her, at least in the moment! Does she cross her legs away from you? The gesture could be a sign that she is feeling uncomfortable. Crossed arms can be an indication that an escort is feeling defensive, self-protective or closed off.

Interpreting that pretty smile

Probably one of the best at-a-glance indicators of an independent escort’s emotion disposition is whether her mouth is turned slightly up or slightly down. Lips turned slightly up can indicate that she is feeling happy and optimistic. A slightly downturned mouth can be a sign that she is sad, unhappy or frustrated. Covering the mouth can indicate a desire to hide an emotional reaction.

What really is the underlying message?

We all know that when an independent escort dates a hobbyist, her goal is to please. But for the gentleman who seeks more intimacy and genuineness from the dating experience understanding the subtle nuances of body language plays a big roll. On the other hand, deciphering what an escort is saying to a hobbyist with her bodily expressions can be especially challenging for the non emotive type. Most importantly, a gentleman should pay attention to what her overall presence and the total sum of her body language, is saying to him.


Categorizing the Hobbyist

From our perspective, there are all sorts of hobbyists who choose to see independent escorts. Their reasons vary greatly.

They are not necessarily hobbyists though many do fit the ticket. Then of course, there are the exceptions that are not shaped by any mold. We thought it would be interesting to consider the types that City Girls encounters often.

A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice
A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice

New girl client

In our case, we see this gentleman often. That’s because many of the independent escorts who are a part of the CG Club fall under the guise of TOFTT (Take One for The Team). They are spectacular and come highly recommended. However, they may still be considered ‘new’ to many men in the world of adult entertainment. Perhaps more common in controlled establishments (City Girls is a private club), new girls may fall victim to the Bottom Fish Client (see below). These hobbyists may attempt to exploit the new girl and even abuse her and endanger her life. Having not been around long enough to get her ‘escort wings’, she’s finished before she’s begun. Naturally, City Girls turns their back on these types of guys. We tend to shield our independent escorts with as much knowledge and guidance as possible.

Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain
Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain

Married man

He chooses the company of a companion not because his marriage is happy. Most often, he and his wife co-exist in a glorified roommate situation. The marriage is loveless and totally lacks intimacy. Or, the ties that bind are financial in nature and there might be children involved in a household where divorce is unconscionable. So the marriage dwells in a hapless state. This gentleman seeks emotional, physical and psychological fulfillment from a beautiful provider. She is the best in her field offering intimacy and camaraderie in a genuine capacity. It is common for these male types to be endlessly romantic, seeking the most genuine of girl friend experiences. The lines between a professional arrangement and love relationship are sometimes blurred. While he may not fit the structured definition of a sugar daddy, the relationship may naturally flow into a hybrid version.

Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background
Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background

Natural asset lover

This hobbyist seeks the company of an independent escort for sport. Her physical criteria are his primary focus. While he may date only a handful of girls, he remains emotionally detached. Gratification is his main objective. He enjoys her much like he would a football game and drinking a couple of beers. Marital status does not apply.

fetish man

Fetish man

The term fetish is in a class by itself. Though we have written about the topic before, there exists a vast range of unusual interests. It could include a specific fixation on an object, body part or material facilitated by a companion who makes no claim as a fetish expert. Or, it could be a more sophisticated, psychological obsession that requires a highly specialized dominatrix.

Disguised hobbyist reviewer
Disguised hobbyist reviewer

Bottom fish client

Unfortunately, they exist. They are the ones who give the hobby a bad rap. They are the ones who will never grace the presence of City Girls’ Club of independent escorts. At the risk of sounding haughty or negative, these men may be of a belligerent nature, motivated by a desire to exploit a provider. Often, he is a woman-hater with a sketchy or unethical past. He may try to take advantage of her and in the worst case, may hurt her. Inflicting pain is not just limited to the physical. He may falsify a bad review of their encounter, knowing very well that doing so will jeopardize her career. Imposing such vengeance on the reputation of a provider can be the kiss of death and end her career. He knows this.

Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop
Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop

Perfect client

This type of gentleman is most familiar to courtesans. He seeks true companionship on a higher level. Such a courtesan is acutely aware of who she will and will not spend time with. She will turn down a client if she does not sense a genuine connection. She truly enjoys her profession and usually spends time with a handful of suitors who shower her with utmost respect, gifts and travel excursions. This man is not a hobbyist per say and his is extremely discreet. He tends to maintain his relationship for a long time, sometimes even years. They might become very close friends and he may even assist her in financial endeavors. We have heard of cases where marriage resulted.

City Girls is in no way biased toward any person

We support freedom of individuality. Every hobbyist, independent escort or sugar daddy/baby is totally unique! We recognize the good in folks and encourage that everyone practice higher ethics through virtuous behavior. Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

The Amorous Game of Preludes & Conclusions, KamaSutra Part II

Whether or not you are into the girl friend experience, affection should surround your experience, in turn creating a bond and indelible memories. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

An independent escort goes to great lengths to create a sensuous environment

She begins by preparing herself with a hot bath and dressing in a way that will overwhelmingly entice her date. Her hair is fresh and soft, her skin smooth and succulent to the touch, her finger and toes perfectly manicured. She perfumes the air with the radiant scent of candles or incense and fills the room with soft music. She seals the mood with delicious morsels such as fruits, cheeses and chocolates and wine. In honor of her efforts and with desire for an explosive engagement, a hobbyist should greet his datefreshly showered and well dressed. While not necessary, it is advantageous for a gentleman to arrive with a small token of his affection whether it is flowers or a pocket-sized gift.

A hobbyist should awaken pleasure by amusing his date

On any level, romance and intimacy is a two-way street. An independent escort will make every effort to entertain and pleasure her date and will almost always succeed. However, a gentleman should not rely on her efforts exclusively if he truly wants to gain the most out of his experience. He should ignite true passion and desire by amusing her with interesting conversation, gentle laughter, touching and caressing her softly and whispering naughty nothings in her ear. Such actions will set the prelude to an earth-shattering experience free of inhibitions.

Both should adapt their moods and express affection

What happens after acute passion has been fulfilled? Once desire has been satiated, many couplesfind themselves weakened and at a loss for interaction feeling almost like strangers. Snuggling, caressing, gentle massage and quiet conversation in a fresh location are great ways to continue the mood. Showering and refreshing is a great way to refresh the romance. Add beauty to the moment with wine [or your favorite beverage] and a snack and those special moments will carry on!

Practice sensuality without barriers

A hobbyist should not be reserved about expressing his sentiments toward an independent escort in good taste, of course. There are many factors that contribute to erotic excitement expressed through all of the senses.

The mind is the territory of desire from which all things develop – sight, hearing, smell. Reflecting these sensations brings experiences into reality! City Girls takes into consideration every nuance that forms the mosaic of love (or lust if you prefer) to awaken desire in its full form.

KamaSutra: Living the Sensuous Lifestyle, Part 1

It is true that The KamaSutra is a sex manual instrumental for those who want to get it on with their partner. But it is much more than that.

The KamaSutra is not only the Hindu guide to lovemaking, but considered a masterpiece about human sexual behavioretiquette and relationships. It is the perfect point of reference for every independent escort and hobbyist who want to become connoisseurs of sensual pleasure. There are several themes that weave the fabric of The KamaSutra. Let’s take a cursory look at some of them:

Confidence prevails over sexual prowess

It is not about how good a man is at pleasing his lover but about how he can build confidence in hispartner. A man who builds confidence in his partner will make her more receptive to his advances. This is his primary responsibility when seducing his lover. Roles are reversed with regard toindependent escorts. The KamaSutra believes that courtesans (or companions) are necessary components of society to build men’s confidence (this subject will be explored in a future article).

Persistence will win a woman

The KamaSutra preaches persistence over “easy” love, natural mates and biological instinct. Whether a hobbyist or not, a man should realize that every woman requires persistent attention to break down her defenses and win her over. What better way to enhance intimacy? While viewed as discriminatory by some, learning the lessons of The KamaSutra will enable a man to get any woman he wants.

Love is a game

Winning the affection of your partner is a sort of dance, a game to be played wherein loversmanipulate each other. While a man should show off in front of his woman and pretend not to like her, he should persistently offer signs of affection to build her confidence. On the other hand, an independent escort should shower a hobbyist with attention to demonstrate that he is the only one for her as long as they are together. It is even better when her affections are natural!

The four types of love

There is love by habit, love by imagination(possibly infatuation), mutual love and love that is not categorized. The latter is considered to be the most powerful of all. I would venture to say that love by imagination characterizes someescort/hobbyist relationships in the form of intoxicating lustful infatuation.

Learn the principals that support living a sensuous lifestyle

City Girls believes that understanding the inner workings of human sexual behavior taught by The KamaSutra will ultimately enhance and enrich relationships between independent escorts and hobbyists. We can all benefit from a sense of freedom that exists when our sexuality is liberated!

Escort Fashion – Tips on How to Look Like a Million Bucks

Next Let’s talk about some basic guidelines helpful in building and staying up-to-date with your wardrobe.

Be comfortable in your skin

In the escort industry, it is a myth that a companion must conform to a manner of dress that is cheap and revealing. Allow your personal style to shine through clothing that allows you to feel comfortable and at ease. As a GFE, realize that you should dress according to a standard that resembles that of your client and one that is appropriate for the venue. It is not necessary to subscribe to the latest fad or fashion trend. Adding timeless, classic pieces to your wardrobe will last much longer than the time stamped trendy garment.

Dress for the occasion, the person and the location

As a GFE independent escort, you need to invest in a versatile wardrobe that allows you to dress for a variety of occasions at a moment’s notice. Weather plays a huge factor in attire, especially when touring. The dress code of an independent escort who resides in Miami is drastically different than that of the escort who resides in West Virginia or New York City. Familiarize yourself with the fashion code respective to every city where you will tour. Every event will require its own signature look whether you are attending a black tie engagement, joining a hobbyist for an elegant dinner or simply staying in to enjoy your own private party. If you are spending an extended period of time with a hobbyist, meticulously plan every conceivable outfit suitable for the destination.

Wear your own version of classy yet seductive attire

Seductive clothing is not limited to a micro mini dress and 5-inch platform heels. While you may look simply ravishing in such an ensemble, unless you are attending a night club or rockin’ party, chances are excellent that your look will be too conspicuous and that you should wear something more suitable. A companion well put together in a fitted pencil skirt, feminine silk blouse and sleek pumps is undeniably sexy and irresistibly seductive. If you are attending a sporting event, a pair of nice jeans that hug your figure, a playful, slightly revealing blouse and heels will win the heart of your man. Will you accompany your client to a business engagement in Washington, D.C. during the heart of winter? Perhaps a pair of chic, leather boots, fitted wool dress and overcoat will impress him with your stunning appearance.

Hairstyle and makeup can make or break your look

Equal in importance to your fashion statement is your physical presentation. As an independent escort, yourhair should look and feel luxurious and healthy, whether thin, thick, short or long. Dry, damaged hair will compromise any style. Dry hair can be a reflection of poor diet or lack of maintenance or both and make you look less refined. Start with a good cut and conditioner followed by some sort of color treatment, whether it is a cellophane, dye, bleach or highlights. Follow up every six to eight weeks with a trim and touch up. Your complexion should radiate. Familiarize yourself with the best color palette for your skin tone. If you are unsure about how to apply makeup that is most flattering without looking caky and overdone, consult with a makeup artist at the cosmetic counter of a department store.

City Girls gives you the basic building blocks of a fabulous look

With a little research and skillful organization, looking like a million bucks doesn’t take much! And you do not have to break the bank to build a ravishing wardrobe. Do not hesitate to consult with a fashion stylist if shopping overwhelms you. Familiarity with your style complimented by creativity can make the difference between an independent escort who ‘wows’ her client and the one who barely raises his brow!

Looks or Personality? The Most Important Factors in Escorting, Part I

In the competitive industry of independent escorting, flaming hot good looks will attract hobbyists to you. A bright and charismatic personality coupled with talents inherent in an independent escort will draw repeat clients. This is the winning combination crucial for the independent escort who wants to be successful!

Attraction encompasses much more than just the physical

Here’s a silly analogy but you will get the idea: imagine receiving a beautiful gift for your birthday ornately wrapped and tied with a silk bow. When you open the box in sheer anticipation, it is empty. How disappointed would you be? As an independent escort, if the box is your physique and the content is your personality, a hobbyist is going to be disappointed if he is left with nothing. You will hear hobbyists talk about ‘how beautiful’ or ‘how hot’ she was. But you will also hear comments about how engaging, interesting or genuine she was. Good looks will get your foot in the door with a gentleman. Your sparkling personality will cause him to want to see you again and again.

The world is saturated with beautiful women

If you are just starting out as an independent escort, you may get by for a while on just your ravishing looks. But there is more dimension to a successful escort than just her physical charm. With so many beautiful women in the world from which a hobbyist can choose, what sets you apart from the rest? At the end of the day, the world will not stop for your mouth-watering looks. Humble yourself and ask, “how can I better myself?”

Create repeat clients with your personality

When a hobbyist is at ease, he is more likely to relax and reveal his desires to you. Accommodate your client with the charisma of your personality. When you yourself are relaxed, inviting, engaging and understanding, you provide a sanctuary of comfort which is exactly what a gentleman is looking for.

Learn how to ‘read’ the needs and desires of a hobbyist

Evaluation of your client may present somewhat of a challenge that eventually you will master if you set your mind to it. Flexibility and intelligence play a big role in ‘reading’ or interpreting his fantasies. Is he a casual guy looking for fun? Is he a corporate figure stressed who needs to unwind? Is he entangled in a troubled relationship and needs your understanding? Always be polite and never uptight. Smile and maintain your sunny disposition. It is your job to move him into your comfort zone. Regardless, you can be sure that he will make the most of your time together. But it is your job to give him more. Give him an experience that will resound in his memory causing him to want to see you again and again.

All that glitters is not always gold

Independent escorting is not a mindless job. There is a psychological element to escorting and those companions who ‘get it’ are the ones who prevail with success. Hobbyists seek the girl friend experience from an independent escort who is understanding and talented. Set your mind to these tasks and you will succeed! Stay tuned for part two of this topic. There is so much more to talk about!

Role playing for Beginners

There is something that we have all at least considered at one point or another with our partners and that is role playing. Role playing can have a very strong erotic element that involves two people who act out roles in a personal fantasy.

Whether you consider it foreplay or take it all the way to an extreme that involves a fetish is up to you. Some couples consider it a titillating game that they even play out in public! All can be extremely arousing and lead to explosive endings. Role playing is also a great way to overcome inhibitions.

Suggestions to get the creative juices flowing

Some of the most common scenarios (and probably one or two that you have already tried) include:

  • Exhibitionist/voyeur – quite a few escorts are professional dancers and sought after by manyhobbyists. But what if the hobbyist (voyeur in this case) is not allowed to touch? Oh là là! Just imagine the energy that will build.
  • Photographer/model – As a hobbyist, have you ever thought about taking risqué photos of your lady? Many escorts don’t mind and of course there are those who do. Best to check with your girl before springing the idea on her with camera in hand.
  • Teacher/student – this can be considered somewhat of a regressive practice in which one party acts younger than the other. Unless, your escort lady plays the sexy student and you as the hobbyist play the stern professor. What happens if she doesn’t do as she’s told? You take it from there!
  • Doctor/patient – at some point, one of you needs a physical exam. How many times have we met a sexy female doctor? What a riveting interaction.
  • Master/slave – this form of role playing involves dominance and submission, in some worlds known as BDSM. On the other hand, it can be as simple as one playing the slave in which he or she must complete a series of chores regaled in something quite revealing. This scenario definitely takes housekeeping to a whole new level!

Keep it simple and have a good time

Remember that there is no need to be intimidated by role playing. You are not auditioning for a part in a movie and no one is judging you. Think of role playing as an adult game. No scripts or costumes are needed. However, props can certainly add an element of excitement! Many escorts maintain a collection of toys and the like that may be incorporated into your sensual games.

How seriously you role play is up to you

At City Girls, we think that keeping it simple and vanilla can lend all the spice that an escort and hobbyist need to really live it up. But there are those who take role playing much more seriously and even lead lifestyles dedicated to their fetishes. Who knows. Maybe a little role playing fun will open doors to a whole new world!