Breaking up with EROS GUIDE

As you all know, I am the virtual voice of City Girls. Recently, there have been some significant changes to our marketing efforts and some eye-opening realizations that I’d like to share with all of our trusted Members, VIP members and new friends.

Maybe you haven’t noticed City Girls’ ads on EROS-Guide in the last few days. For reasons beyond our rationale, we received a phone call from EROS-Guide management announcing that the

“…City Girls website has become competitive with EROS Guide…”

and that they will no longer allow us to advertise there, effective immediately. In essence, we were kicked off EROS-Guide. You can imagine how we felt. The impact was the equivalent of being dumped by your significant other when you thought everything was going great. Our whole team was really depressed and moped around for the whole day. Phone calls started to pour in from our VIP Members and other clients asking if City Girls’ ladies were still coming their way because they missed our ads on EROS-Guide. We stuttered and stammered, no knowing how to respond because we still had hopes of negotiating a meeting of the minds with EROS-Guide (trying to get back together). That didn’t happen. The break up was eminent.

All of us at City Girls are rather like-minded and simply don’t have the personality types to candy coat a situation. So, we felt it best to tell folks the plain truth because that’s just the way we are. The support was overwhelming. Almost all of you saw this dilemma as EROS-Guide’ loss.

So, we started thinking, maybe this isn’t a loss at all

I remember when Orbitz Travel broke up with Hilton Hotels. Go here to read about it. Ultimately, Orbitz was the loser, actually driving traffic away from their website to other sources that do feature Hilton Hotels such as Kayak, Expedia or even Roomkey.


which is in contrast to ours. First of all, the word ‘competition’ does not exist in our vocabulary. There’s plenty to go around for everyone. In fact, we actually see what some might consider competitors as friends and have even promoted our friends on review boards, escort malls, as independent escorts and agencies.

Our VIP Members rank number one in our minds. If someone inquires about scheduling a date through City Girls in an area that we don’t frequent, we always recommend an alternative such as an agency or another independent escort not a part of the City Girls’ family. We’ll never leave you hanging! We’re not the greedy type and actually feel really good knowing that we helped a client and his date find each other. In turn, everyone is happy.

As you can imagine, this whole situation opened our eyes about just where City Girls’ business is really coming from

So we did some research and through our analysis, came up with these surprising data:

  • EROS-Guide yielded only about 15% of all monthly traffic;
  • The rest of City Girls’ business comes from different sources (mostly review boards like TERBigDoggie, ECCIE etc.); and
  • 80% of all advertising expense has been allocated to EROS-Guide (this is kind of an embarrassment).

What an epiphany! In light of this knowledge, we want to encourage our readers to visit the following websites to stay abreast of what City Girls is doing in your respective areas:

Review Boards 

  • TER is a well known review website with a solid presence all over the country. Every Sunday you can find our visitation schedule in each of the Regional Ad Boards sections. We highly recommend becoming a VIP member of TER in order to indulge in all of the juicy details;
  • BestGFE is another great review site known mostly in New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. BestGFE is expanding into other areas around the U.S. and since most of the City Girls have feedback on those forums we recommend registering with them even if you are located outside of their areas;
  • BigDoggie is another prominent review website.City Girls will begin featured advertising in the next few days. It’s best to purchase their VIP membership to take advantage of all of the available features;
  • ECCIE is a forum where we’ve been advertising for a while now. You can follow our weekly posts on Sundays and Thursdays in the following cities: Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Richmond,Raleigh and Kansas City;
  • SouthernGFE features our tour updates every Sunday in the cities of Charlotte, Raleigh,Richmond and Virginia Beach; and
  • TNAReview is in the same network as BigDoggie. We will begin advertising there soon. 
Verification Sites and Escort Malls 
  • RS2K is a fantastic source for following not only Members and activities of City Girls, but other escorts as well. We find RS2K to be the best website for advertising in the Chicago area. City Girls offers FREE membership with their verification service. Go here for details;
  • CityVibe is a website where we’ll begin advertising next week based upon recommendations from hobbyists. You will be able to see City Girls in all the locations we tour;
  • Date-Check is another new advertising website for us. Until now, we didn’t accept Date-Check for verification purposes because we require the full, legal name of a client and this information is not verifiable through their service. However, we have decided to accept Date-Check as additional proof of verification though we still need to verify your legal name and identity. We will be advertising on Date-check after next week; and
  • Geisha Diaries, Verified Playmates and My Provider Guide are blogs and forums on which City Girls will have a presence starting next week.
Others Marketing Methods 
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Starting yesterday, we launched an urgent project to completely revamp our presence in search engine results. See you all on Google!
  • Word of Mouth – at the end of the day, referrals to City Girls have become quite popular. An influx of new members has been booking with us because their friend, coworker or business partner recommended us. It comes natural to us and where we have emphasized most of our attention in striving to make each and every appointment a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are ever so grateful for our VIP Members spreading the word and considering what we can do to show our appreciation!
  • is of course, our website URL. 1/6 of our website traffic comes in the form of returning visitors who type our web address directly into their computer browsers. Through it all, this was the main statistic that brought smiles to our faces.
Mailing List Subscriptions

is a great way to receive updates twice a week. Don’t worry. Our emails are neither annoying nor flashy, but plain and simple. You will receive two updates: one every Sunday which will list all the ladies scheduled to visit your subscribed city including a summary about our weekly blog article and one every Friday talking about who will be in your respective city for the weekend.

We are turbo boosting our advertising efforts on all of the aforementioned websites. We still have room in our budget for more so if you have any recommendations where you would like to see City Girls listed, let us know.

Life goes on and we are most grateful for everyone’s support!

6 Principles of Escorting

“Principles? But I’m only an escort!” may be your first thought. The truth is that escorting is a real job just like any other whether you are full or part time. At City Girls, when you take your business seriously and make the most of your skills you will be successful. Recognizing and following a basic set of standards can get you there.

  1. Making the mental break – City Girls understands the importance that psychologically you must be able to handle being an escort. If you think you cannot, it’s best to find another job. You must be able to maintain an emotional separation between being intimate with men whom you’ve never met before and your personal life. Escorting is a glamorous and exciting job that can reward you richly. But there will be days when you don’t feel like doing your job as an escort. Maybe it’s that time of the month and you have the blues. Those are precisely the types of moments that will challenge you emotionally and you won’t want to work. However, you must be able to put on your game face and entertain your date because escorting is after all your job and you work to make a living. Never mix your personal life with your business life. As an escort, your date is your client and no matter how charming and persuasive he seems he is really not paying for your time to hear about what a rough week you had or that your son needs braces. He is there with you to be entertained and to enjoy what you do best. Even though he may appear interested in your personal life, accept it as flattery and button your lip. Be smart and always resist the urge to share any details about your private affairs.
  2. How to be a good conversationalist – The intellectual disposition of your client may be unknown until the moment you make his acquaintance. Are you prepared to talk about most anything? Becoming a good conversationalist is really not as scary as it may sound. With a little bit of preparation (which can be really fun in the process!) you can make your job much easier by expanding your flexibility to talk about most subjects especially if you are attracted toupscale clients. Stay on top of current events by watching the daily news (Fox News and CNN News will give you a well-rounded scope) and browsing a variety of magazines (Forbes, People, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New Yorker, Conde Nast Traveler are just a few). This doesn’t mean that you should read every publication cover to cover and you could go into the poor house subscribing to all of them. Make a habit of going to the book store or library, grab a latte and have some fun browsing headlines and breezing through a few articles. You’ll be surprised how much knowledge you’ll pick up in a short period of time. And it’s a great way to expand your communication if English is your second language!
  3. Using humor to your advantage – A small dose of wit will warm any situation. This doesn’t mean that you must be a comedienne or feel forced to deliver contrived jokes or always be funny. But when you are comfortable with yourself and the situation, your body and job, a light, whimsical attitude will take over and lend a sense of ease to the environment.
  4. Taking care of your physical being – Your body is your temple. City Girls believes in taking great care of one of your greatest assets – you! Beautiful women come in many shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be as skinny as a pencil to qualify as gorgeous and desirable. Most important is to maintain your body to the best of its ability with exercise, a healthy diet, vitamins, supplements and spa treatments (or simply a good exfoliant and moisturizer at home). It shows when a woman takes care of her physical appearance. Soft, supple skin is a huge asset. Drink lots of water every day and go easy on salt and alcohol especially the day before a date.
    City Girls is a strong advocate of regular physical examinations to stay on top of your health when it comes to escorting. If you don’t have private health insurance, locate a good health care center in your area. Meet the doctors or registered nurses who will attend you. Since you will be visiting your caregiver regularly, make sure that you are comfortable seeing this doctor or nurse as he or she may assume that you are an escort (some escorts are comfortable disclosing within the privacy of the doctor/patient relationship that they escort for a living). The time to find a good caregiver is not when you need to go. Do your research as soon as possible. Ask other escorts in your area for referrals.
  5. What about family? There are escortswho openly share with their families what they do for a living. Those instances are uncommon. Escorting makes you lead a secret life guided by discretion. Some ladies escort well into their forties (and even some into their fifties). However, it is more common thatescorts retire at a much younger age and take on another career. Think about the impact on your family if you feel compelled to tell them about your glamorous job as an escort. They may not understand all of the benefits as escorting is still conventionally unaccepted and even considered taboo by most of society. You won’t be escorting forever but the notion that you did could make an adverse impact on your family that could cost you indefinitely. City Girls says think twice before you publicize your secret life.
  6. Protecting your privacy – You will meet clients who adore you, worship the ground you walk on. This is flattery at its finest. Soak it up and allow it to reinforce your confidence as anescort. But the buck stops there. As an escort you are an entertainer, a master at creating an illusion of happiness which is why you get paid good money. Resist the temptation to divulge your private phone number, home address, details about your day job, names and locations of relatives and children. By all means, never give out your social security number! Creating a persona is the first step in building a shroud of protective privacy around your personal life. While you will build deep, intimate friendships with some clients, stay in control and always be able to walk away from your job as an escort and go back to the privacy and sanctity of your private life.

City Girls maintains a high standard of ethics required to be met by its Club Members and VIP Members. In doing so, an environment of safety and professionalism is automatically created. In this regard, we have no reservations looking out for our members with honest, upfront advice and knowledge about what escorting really entails. It is this sense of comradery that draws our Club Members to join the family. If you want to take your business as an independent escort to the next level backed by the professional support that you need to get there, join City Girls. You won’t regret it.

Companions as Entrepreneurs Powered by City Girls

“Individual freedom is a right. Limitations are imposed upon us by society. Be influenced or be free.”

Whether you call yourself a courtesan, companion, escort or provider, the objective is the same. You are in the business of modeling and adult entertainment for a reason and it usually has to do with economic survival of you and your family. You are not the type to work a nine to five job. You don’t do well punching a clock or answering to a boss hovering over your shoulder.

It’s about valuing your free time, juggling another simultaneous job or career, studying for a college degree, traveling, raising your children or living out your fantasies of sensuality. No matter what, as an independent escort, you are an entrepreneur at least to some degree, whether you realize it or not.

City Girls believes that it’s all about your perspective – how you see yourself and where you want to take your career as a companion, short or long term. We are here to provide a support system of tools necessary to make your business happen. In turn, many of your dreams can be fueled through the success of your companion business.

Escorting can be a stepping stone to freedom

Think about your talents and where you excel. Consider what you want your job or your career as an escort to produce for you. Match the two with a plan of action to get you there. Take one step at a time. There aren’t many turnkey professions left in this nation that will allow you to set up shop today and start making money tomorrow. However, escorting can give you that secret luxury, especially if you have City Girls behind you.

When life changes, perspectives change 

What was true last week may not be true tomorrow. Keeping an open mind is key to growth and advancement in life, especially nowadays. Maybe two years ago you never considered becoming an escort. Perhaps there was a turn of events that have now caused you to consider the profession as a tool to get you what you want or need. Done right, your new business can be a success.

Companionship can be innate or learned

For many women, the Principles of Escorting are as familiar to them as if they were born with them. For others, learning a few ‘tricks of the trade’ can offset the learning curve onto a path of success. Realizing that your job presents you with a blank palette that you get to define is only part of the fun! It’s a taste of the independence that comes with being an entrepreneur. You get to set the pace and make whatever you want of your business as an escort. 

Take the bull by the horns!

Hate to say it gals, but no one is going to knock on the door and deliver an envelope containing dollars to your success. You must make it happen! It really doesn’t take much; a little planning, a little forethought, a little effort and a dose of dedication. As with any independent business, it’s up to you to make it happen, to seek the knowledge and guidance to get you there. At a minimum, it starts with taking tip top care of yourself because after all, your body is your temple and that’s the way it should always remain. 

Surround yourself with good people 

It’s true in politics, gardening, escorting and any other profession. No woman is an island. City Girls believes that surrounding yourself with like-minded people (or, if you’re into plants, using a great fertilizer!) who lend support will provide the reinforcement you need to help get you there. It’s vital. If you’re a femme fatale independent powerhouse and can do it all on your own – escort marketing, scheduling appointments, sending emails, maintaining wardrobe and physique and oh, uh, the job itself – kudos to you. But if an outfit of professionals is ready, willing and able to help you with your career as an independent escort, why would you say no?

That outfit would be City Girls. Make us your partner and save your energy for a shopping spree.

Provider Benefits, Part I

Provider Benefits, Part I

What’s the best way to say this. We missed you! At City Girls, we took the summer off and caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation. It’s been an awesome season but we are happy to be back! During our time off, we came up with some incredible features to benefit our Club membersthat cannot be found anywhere else. We’d like to share them with you.

eTravel Organizer – a golden tool for the touring provider

Especially nowadays, touring is a great way for a provider to build clientele and increase profitability of her business. Waiting for folks to come your way doesn’t always happen at your desired pace while in the meantime you could be missing out. Don’t wait for your phone to ring! Pack it up and hit the road. Remember, you’ll be traveling which means you’ll get to see new places, wear lots of nice clothes and have loads of fun. What greater incentives does a girl need?

However, a tour that is not well thought out can prove to be disastrous and actually cost money, defeating the intention of making a profit. Paying attention to detail is key and that’s where we come in. At City Girls, we realize that our Club members will benefit from all the help we can give them and that’s why we’re here. eTravel Organizer is a *free* tool available around mid September 2012 to all of our Club members. What’s more, you can apply eTravel Organizer to plan your independent tours as well!  Here are a few of the perks using the eTravel automated system to populate your tour:

  • View and itemize your travel expenses;
  • View your accommodations with pricing;
  • Explore the best cities to tour;
  • Save money by selecting the most cost effective transportation;
  • Discover the best days of the month to tour; and
  • Organize your mobility by streamlining your transportation – how to get from city A to city B.

These are just a few of the benefits that eTravel Organizer offers Club members of City Girls. A successful, profitable tour that flows succinctly may only amount to a few hours per city and then you are on your way to the next stop. If organized properly, the tour will flow like water and you will reap the rewards. eTravel Organizer is your new best friend! Remember, it’s free. If you want to increase your business, City Girls is the way to go for the modern day provider.

Consider City Girls your new personal assistant 

When you are self-employed you are running the whole show and tend to wear about fifty hats on any given day. Suddenly, Mondays merge into Fridays because as an independent person, you tend to work around the clock. You are the manager, receptionist and dish washer. And that’s before you even get started with screening, booking and entertaining clients! Good Lord in heaven, how can a girl do it all? Hiring a personal assistant is a glorious and luxurious concept but costs money. How can you spend money on your business when you are trying to make money with your business? When you join City Girls we do it all for you. Basically, you take care of your beautiful self and then just show up to meet with your client while we take care of the rest. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. End of story.

Screening can make or break a provider

If you are a new provider, consider what we are about to say as written in blood. If you are an established provider, you have stopped reading this article and are on another screen of your computer emailing City Girls to join the Club immediately. Lack of thorough and proper screening can be the kiss of death, literally, for you know not with whom you meet. Proper screening takes time, effort and requires access to the proper resources. So, imagine receiving your clients pre-screened, so that you don’t have to deal with all of this paraphernalia. This benefit alone should fuel your hot little fingers to email City Girls pronto. Because this is our expertise, City Girls makes sure that clients have passed the screening process, protecting all of our interests in the process. And, when your client is a VIP member of City Girls, they have not only been screened but have a proven track record with City Girls’ Club members. How can you go wrong?

Booking Schedule Synchronization

All City Girls’ Club members are independent escorts. Some do their own advertising and bookings while simultaneously booking clients through City Girls’ Highly Secured Call Center. If you are already a Club member, you know what we are talking about.

How do you juggle two separate schedules? You have your own private bookings plus your bookings through City Girls. We have the answer! Schedule Synchronization incorporates both schedules so that you can be totally organized at all times. As an independent escort, you can continue to book your own appointments while booking appointments through Highly Secured Call Center.

City Girls gives you a website with a photo gallery

You may or may not have your own personalized website. If you do not, then you will receive your very own profile when you become a Club member of City Girls. If you already have your own website now you have two. What’s the benefit? In both cases, you have an increased presence on the world wide web which is how clients find you. All Club member profiles are written by a professional writer and feature your very own exclusive photo gallery, celebrating your availability! You can use your City Girls url on other websites such as TER.

City Girls is your home away from home

Becoming a Club member of City Girls provides you with all of the resources to practically guarantee an increase in your business. We genuinely care about our members and are constantly tinkering behind the scenes to simplify your business and improve your experience as a provider. We know that if we can provide you with the kind of support that a successful provider needs, you will excel and that will make all of us happy!

We welcome with open arms independent escorts to join the Club. We are your new home while you carry on with your independent business outside of City Girls. Seriously. You will be kicking yourself for not joining sooner.

What Can City Girls Do For You?

As an independent escort, there are many things to think about. You are your own boss running your own business. You work hard for your money.” Author

Chloé, City Girls Membership Coordinator


City Girls understands this by providing a club environment where independent escorts can benefit from many features typically associated only with an agency. City Girls is not an agencywhich means that you keep 100% of your hard-earned money. Becoming a club member of City Girls is free for escorts.

City Girls club members enjoy all the perks of advertising at no cost

Maintaining an attractive website that displays current, professional photos is one of the most important aspects of being an independent escort. How you market your website is crucial to getting your name out there. As an independent escort, paying to promote yourself with advertisements can get expensive. City Girls advertises on all major escort review boards such as TER, Big Doggie, Naughty Reviews and Best GFE as well as major escort malls around the world. City Girls also hosts email marketing geared toward keeping VIP members informed about what’s going on with club members. Joining the club at City Girls is a great way to increase your business without having to reach into your pocket book.

An independent escort must focus on quality clients

There are many hobbyists out there who will want to see you. Hobbyists come in all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. You don’t want to see just anyone who comes your way. An independent escort must look out for herself and always place safety as her number one priority. If you are new to the business, you might still be learning how to select your clientele. If you are an established, independent escort, you recognize the value of clients who suit your style. All of the clients at City Girls must pass a thorough screening process before they are eligible to see any of the club members. As an independent escort, this is a huge advantage! Imagine having all of your clients pre-screened, ensuring your safety, so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

Client screening is essential for the safety of every independent escort

When a hobbyist views your website and contacts you for a date, you must pass him through a screening process. Whatever verification service you use, you must ensure your safety and your client’s authenticity. This is part of your job and should always be a requirement if you intend to stay in business as an independent escort. As a crucial element to the safety of its club members, City Girls has implemented Highly Secured Call Center and it’s amazing how it works. Think of Highly Secured Call Center as your personal assistant. They are behind the scenes making sure that each and every client who wants to see you has passed through the screening process, thereby ensuring your safety. Highly Secured Call Center also understands the importance of a client’s discretion so that all communication is confidential. Highly Secured Call Center interacts between you and your client taking care of all of the details leading up to your date, from start to finish so that you can both relax and enjoy each other’s company.

City Girls takes VIP status to a whole new level. A hobbyist is eligible for VIP membership after his first successful engagement with a City Girls club member. However, VIP status is not for every hobbyist who dates a City Girls club member. To initiate his VIP status, that club member should voluntarily provide a highly favorable recommendation confirming 5-star quality of the date. City Girls recognizes that there are varying tiers of a successful date and delivers red carpet treatment accordingly. In essence, VIP members are in a class by themselves:

  • They get to view exclusive, un-blurred photos of club members who want to expose their faces;
  • Those same photos are copy resistant through a special software used by City Girls;
  • Club members have the option of providing special discounts to VIP members;
  • City Girls treats its VIP members as friends and expects them to reciprocate;
  • Additional benefits are in the works at City Girls.

By the same token, VIP membership can be irrevocably denied should City Girls deem a hobbyista menace to its club members or if he does not measure up to City Girls’ code of ethics.

Good Reviews are the bread and butter of every successful escort

Obtaining quality clients is only half the job. An independent escort must always be thinking where her next client is coming from. She does so by endorsing her business with good escort reviews. As an independent escort, having good escort reviews is the best way to increase your business. City Girls encourages good reviews from its VIP members. Club member profiles feature not only reviews from City Girls’ VIP members but also source links to their escort reviews from other websites such as TER, BestGFE and others.

The City Girls concept

City Girls is a club of independent escorts where you have the freedom to be yourself. City Girlsplaces success as your fingertips while backing you with safety so that you don’t have to worry about your business. Marketing and coordination of appointments are conveniently built into club membership. You can even set your own schedule and request certain types of VIP members. If you love what you do as an independent escort, put City Girls to work for you.