4 thoughts on “Covering Your Arse with a Burner Phone”

  1. I would prefer a burner app. At this time I am going pretty much heavy duty with one lady so I don’t need something special. She travels alot and then I will.

  2. My hobby phone died completely and had to be replaced. Couldn’t get the same phone number. Since RS2K uses phone numbers, I need to update with them (for a fee of course). Burner phones would have the same problem. Maybe burner apps would be better?

  3. I use an Android with a “burner profile”. It’s a OnePlus One with CyanogenMod OS. I have my squeaky clean profile, but I can switch to a 2nd hidden profile that essentially creates a when new phone. My address book is full of past and current hobby friends with pic identifiers. My photo album is a running history of my good times. My GPS app has all my haunts and history saved. And my web history and favorites including all my favorite review sites, listening sites, forums, and of course porn. So what if I forget to switch back profiles before I get home? The phone has built in geofencing, so once I’m within 500 feet of my house it will automatically trigger a switch back to my main profile.

    1. Wow… that’s impressive. Great idea. Will have to look in to it. You will need to jailbreak the Android phone before installing CyanogenMod ROM, which is not an easy process for those who never done it before. But I`m sure it is well worth it. Thanks for sharing.

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