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The virtual voice of City Girls here again with a jaw-dropping announcement:

Just in case, TER stands for The Erotic Review. Our account has been blocked and we cannot log in. This means that we also cannot post weekly tour advertising of our models which you all look toward and we cannot update profiles of models.

TER login banned

Why has City Girls been banned by TER?

Probably, because we featured on our website a special arrangement with BestGFE members to promote TOFTT*, available only to BestGFE members and apparently, TER does not like that.

Membership is FREE. Save $30/month. Join NOW!

What is TOFTT?

TOFTT stands for ‘Take One For the Team’ and offers a special $250 hourly donation: when a gentleman has dated an independent escort who has not yet received any escort reviews. TOFTT protocol is a fair and balanced approach to supporting both hobbyist and independent escort: a win-win situation. He respectfully highlights his encounter with fellow hobbyists within the community whether his experience was off the charts, mediocre or a one-time wonder. In following TOFTT philosophy, he has rated his experience by putting the word out to his fellow hobbyist comrades. In turn, the model receives a review, strengthening her reputation.

Is TER feeling okay?

This past summer of 2015, TER had their chance to participate in our TOFTT program which we so graciously extended. Out of the blue, they voluntarily requested to be excluded from our promotion on the basis of a moral conviction: offering a $50 hourly discount is unethical. Seriously?

TER offers FREE VIP Membership for writing reviews

Hmm. Cat got your tongues, TER moguls? Offering a free VIP membership (a value of approximately $33) for writing two reviews sounds similar to the very TOFTT program which they declined to endorse!

What TOFTT really does for its VIP members

Let’s get real, folks. I think we all know that TOFTT is not a movement to coerce our VIP members or ask our independent escorts to do anything that they wouldn’t do otherwise. About this we have always taken a transparent position.

Membership is FREE. Save $30/month. Join NOW!

The elephant in the room

Could it be that TER is bothered by the fact that BestGFE participates in the very TOFTT arrangement that they declined? A bit psycho, but seems to point to why they have banned us.

A parallel situation occurred with EROS

We used to advertise on EROS and decided to implement a marketing technique that promoted an RS2K (Room Service 2000) special refund granted upon completion of their verification process. On October 29th, 2012 we released a post on our blog talking about this RS2K promotion. Five days later, EROS contacted us announcing that they had removed us from their advertising.

City Girls will NOT be bullied

If TER carries through with the act of banning us from their site, this is a BAD thing and will cast a shadow upon them. We stand on a solid foundation of character and integrity – virtues by which our members have come to rely. Will City Girls quit? Never!!!


  1. Maybe TER decided to ban City Girls since if you leave a bad review for one of their girls you are banned from their service. Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

    1. Not sure if I understood you right. We never reviewed no girls banned from their service. Not sure what that means.

      1. I will clear it up then. After I wrote a review and gave a 6/7 I was banned from using City Girls. I saw 4 other girls after the one I wrote a review on so there was no “issue” before the review. I never received a reason why, just that I used “review power” whatever that means. One shouldn’t get blocked because of one bad experience and decided to share it.

        1. Yes, we have discussed using a “review power”, which was popular around reviewers with long TER history. They are all banned long time ago already. We always try to avoid these type of individuals. Its true.
          If any member will ever try to affect any girls business, by purposely degrading the ratings, will be banned. I won’t publicly discuss the process you got banned, because it didn’t happen for just posting this review. You have sent us threatening PM on BestGFE, that future reviews, which you haven’t written yet, will be affected, if we do not give you a reason why you were banned. This just confirms our decision to ban you.

          Do the same we are doing. Just move on.

    2. Your have been banned probably due to your site having a review section. TER looks at this a direct competitive feature and thus now views you as a competitor. Thats all. Get rid if the review section and they probably will let you back on the site.

      1. If they doing so, they better give explanation first before removing profiles of all the ladies. And honestly, we are doing better without them now. Thousands of our members have already joined BestGFE which is FREE(many left TER) – every member received a Gift Card for joining BestGFE forum. Everyone is happy and saving money.
        Also, similar to “TER rating” was implemented in to our system over a month ago and gives great results so far and more accurate than before. Thank you for your input, it looks like the reason you mentioned makes sense, but it was not the actual reason. If that would be the case, they would send a PM like they did many times before(f.e TOFTT program removal from our Specials), and ask us to remove this section. They didn’t. If you will look now, every single independent escorts site and agencies sites they all have their own section of short Feedback messages. Now TER will start removing everyone who has that section? Absurd. There is nothing wrong with it and who are they to be demanding from us, or anyone else in this industry, to remove these sections from our own websites.

  2. Looks like you have been bullied. Sometimes it is best to not fight the fight and lose. You have to chose your. Battles. And only promote TOFTT on your own website to site traffic members. You have lost to advertising forums and will soon be out of business. You can advertise on backpage and Craigslist?

          1. Hi Mike,
            For what it is worth, I made most of my decisions about who to see based on the “Visiting” emails I received. If the pics looked good, I usually booked an appointment! I had a lot of great experiences with City Girls until my membership was canceled by CG for complaining about one of my dates! I never received any explanation about why I was terminated. If that is company policy, perhaps it is time to reconsider? I still receive the “visiting” emails
            and would happily be a frequent client! And would participate on discussion boards to help promote your org. Would very much appreciate hearing from you.

          2. Hello Tony, thanks for reaching out. Actually good you wrote, because this was a simple temporary block. Reason was about late scheduling as I see. You can write to the call center support [email protected] and tell them to check the notes. Nothing critical there.

          3. Tony, you are good to go. Your status is changed back to VIP. You should have contacted us long time ago, we would fix it.
            Your VIP status is back and you can contact support for login details.

    1. To be bullied this way and give up…Its not our style.
      TER was generating for us 1/8 of the traffic. Last month there was 100k uniques, where 13k was from TER. Repeat people who are loyal for years, and our reputation is the best advertising.
      From now, their girls’s reviews will be posted on BestGFE. Where membership is FREE. What is the difference, where people will be reading these reviews?

    2. I have been with CityGirls your years. I won’t go anywhere else. CityGirls will never go out of business. As far as advertising on backpage, that would the worst thing they could do. backpage is for the desperate gilr’s, not for a High Class agency, such as CityGirls. The same goes for craigslist. I believe craigslist stopped there “escort” listings years ago.

      1. Mike, I agree with you. The reputation of CityGirls speaks for itself ! What if you just don’t advertise the TOFTT on Ter. All your loyal people already know about TOFTT. Ter is where I posted all my reviews in the past for CityGirls. Now, I’ll start posting on BestGFE. If all your loyal people (such as myself), stop posting on Ter and only use BestGFE, then Ter will have reduced traffic and BestGFE will have an increase in traffic to there sites.

        1. Well, TOFTT is a necessary part of our system. We never see any of the lady member in person. We do a deep background screening on every new girl, but that’s about it. Only from TOFTT appointments, we can understand, if this girl the type of a girl, that you guys are used to(the standard that was build for the past years here)? Or she should be removed from our club ASAP? TOFTT appointments help not just you guys, it is a great help for us, to make sure, we stop membership and cancel tour, as soon as possible.

      2. Thank you. If someone noticed, we have been successful without accepting any of the verification services, advertising on EROS etc. “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!”

    1. Just checked the analytic statistic for our website traffic. -31% less from and +33% more from BestGFE today, than it was yesterday. I remember one funny saying translated from Russian: “Doesn’t matter how you will call a chicken, what matters – is that it would bring eggs”. Same in this situation. statistic

  3. Hey, I got my membership suspended over a situation where my dad got pneumonia and was airlifted to the hospital about 2 years ago. I had called to cancel my date a little over 12 hours beforehand. I called because i wanted to book anotber girl and the operator was very rude to me and said that a family emergency is no excuse. Whatever, he then stopped my membership. I just want to get my membership reactivated so i can use your agency to see some girls. I try calling but i van never get through. Can you please look into this for me and send me an email on how to proceed. Thanks.

    1. Sorry Steve, but this is not what I have on the record. Being vulgar over the phone will never be accepted, and I`m sorry, you won’t be able to restore your status.

  4. If you build more backlinks to your website, you can get SEO traffic. If you need contacts for specialists, I can provide. I love being part of your service!

  5. I was banned from CityGirls also. I can only assume it was because I didn’t write a great review for one of your girls. It was just an honest review. I was never given a reason for being banned and I was never able to make contact with anyone who could give me an answer. No one would respond to my emails and I could never get through on the phone. I had many successful appointments prior to being banned. I would love to get my VIP status back because I really think your service is the best there is.

    1. Funny, I guess this thread will be now about restoring statuses? Well, lets use the moment then.
      William, thank you for reaching out. Yes, ban was associated with rating system of TER. I never agreed to that system, and their TER right to downgrade the ratings, whenever they felt like it. Now, no more TER – So, contact Call Centers support and get back on board. Your VIP is back on.

  6. First of all, I think it is ridiculous that you would be banned from TER. Creating incentives for people to review girls makes the hobby safer and better for all of us. Much like Tony above, I too used to love your service. Every experience I had was a good one. Every girl I met, was a positive experience. Lately, I have not received a response from any of the appointments I have tried to set on your site, or any of the tickets I have created to inquire about the status. Everytime I call, I stiay on hold for hours (literally – I put it on speaker phone and wait), but no one ever answers. I wish I could get in contact with you to find out what is going on, but I never get a response. I am sorry TER has decided to bully CG. You run a great service with beatiful girls. I wish I could still book through you.

    1. Hello Daniel, thank you for your mesage. You were not able to get in contact with us, because you were indeed banned. Only verified members can get through to a call center support. Everyone else will stay on hold, like you said for hours. Reason for your ban, was also TER’s rating system, which we disagree with, and always will. We prefer hobbyists to read the whole story and not just “take a quick look” on the numbers and make a decision of meeting or not. The new site we are moving to does not practice rating for the ladies, and prefer to read the whole story.
      Daniel, your status is restored now. Get back on board!

      1. Thank you Mike – I disagree with their rating system as well. If I think someone was a 10 – I should be allowed to rate them as such. Thank you for reinstating me. I just booked an appointment with my favorite. Thank you!

    1. TER contacted us Summer 2015 to remove them from the conditions as an optional website to post TOFTT feedback. Since then, we halted our TOFTT program. Recently we started it again, but only available to BestGFE members, because admin of the forum didn’t see anything wrong with our TOFTT date special.
      Take 5 minutes and register there . You can find feedback on other visiting providers to your city.

  7. As a loyal customer of both CG and TER, I hope the two of you can come to a compromise. Both are high quality organizations, neither of which is going anywhere. After the dust settles, it will be obvious to both organizations, there is synergy from cooperation. Good luck and I hope there is a middle ground you can each live with. Looking forward to my next CG appointment.

  8. Hi Mike,
    This seems like a good place to get in touch with you since I couldn’t before whether it was through email or phone. My account with you guys was suspended as well and never got the chance to get an explaination. I am always a gentleman with all girls I see and follow the rules. Just wanted to know why. Would love to use CG service again.

    1. Hello Sir, it was an indeed “The Erotic Review issue”, which no longer exists. You can now submit your appointment request on-line. You will need to get re-verified and you are good to go.

  9. It was simple,I had a year deal with TER,Idid reviews but they usually found some little reason not to post It,I complained that there customer service is terrible and providers think so too. I told them I will not be wasting any more money at there site and that all other review sites accept my reviews and post them quickly,for FREE.SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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