A Sensual Memorial Day Celebration

During this fine Memorial Day weekend, why not get your groove on with an intoxicating escort decorated in lacey regalia? She’ll take the meaning of observance to a whole new level! But first, let us take a moment of remembrance to honor our departed comrades.

memorial day

Memorial Day Mementos

Decoration Day (as it used to be called) commemorates all of the wars in which countless fallen soldiers gave their lives fighting for our country. The Civil War claimed more lives than any other conflict in American history and thus, required the establishment of our country’s first national cemeteries. Thanks to New York where the holiday was officially recognized, Memorial Day unofficially marks the beginning of summer and have we got some deals to spice up your weekend!


Last minute deals that put the spark in your Memorial Day celebration
I’m sure our comrades up in Heaven would smile down upon their fellow man who decide to take full advantage of City Girls’ extreme generosity this weekend. If ever there was a weekend to make sure your phone is on, this is the one. Be on the lookout for text messages and emails (whatever your alert preference) announcing those once-in-a-lifetime dates at your beckon call. But first, ensure that you have signed up for the email list in your city so that you will receive the announcements about last minute deals.

Get the City Girls’ Memorial Day Special

Gentlemen, seriously. This is almost too good to be true and our blessed war veterans are turning in their graves. Monday, May 30th is the day that you will be reborn with a drop dead gorgeous, buxom blonde (or ravishing brunette or steamy redhead, as it were). With this City Girls’ Special, you’ll have to pinch yourself during your date just to know that the experience is real. But then, when that lean, tight and shapely vixen dripping with feminine splendor showers you with bliss, all will be right with your world.

Take a national moment of remembrance

No matter how mesmerized you become as your bombshell escort prances around you in hints of lace and lots of skin, 3pm marks the moment when you should get a grasp and pause out of respect for our fallen soldiers. What you choose to do after 3:01pm is your business.

City Girls gifts our hobbyist friends with a proverbial red poppy
It’s tradition, gentlemen and you might want to stop by the florist to grab a bouquet before your date arrives just to start things off on the right foot. You’ll thank us after a spectacularly sensual celebration.

Last Minute Deals

It’s been the day from hell and some spicy TLC from a sexy siren would calm your nerves. Suddenly, you get a text from City Girls with a last minute offer for a one-hour date with your favorite bombshell for $250! You act immediately and CG hooks you up. In the blink of an eye a blonde enchantress with smooth skin and tight curves is smothering you with affection and you are a man reborn. Frothing at the mouth? Read on about our last minute specials.


How do I get a last minute deal?

For starters, you must be a VIP member. Then, subscribe to Last Minute Deals, so that you can receive alerts about independent escorts traveling to your area. Choose your preference of notification: SMS, email or SMS+ email. When the last minute deal is released, be the first to press CONFIRM and voilà! Your date will be set.

How do last minute deals work?

City Girls will release daily alerts in most cities. For the hobbyist on his toes and ready for some sumptuous lovin’, these deals are generally published 2 hours before offer time. It’s like a dream come true. Just imagine that brunette fantasy that gave you a rise during your lunch break. Almost instantly, a wildly gorgeous muse is standing before you!


How many last minute specials will be released?

Generally speaking, one deal per day, per participating city will be available. Oh, the thrill of a curvaceous temptress wrapped in your arms when you least expect her!

What are the limitations?

The last minute $250 special is only for one hour. Should you desire to spend more time with your lovely independent escort, standard compensation for additional hours apply.

Last minute deals are not for everyone

Sorry guys, but if you have already booked an appointment, you are ineligible for a last minute special on that particular day. The same applies if you have booked a date and then cancel on that particular day- no last minute deal for you. In order to be eligible, you must not have any date booked on the day of the special.

City Girls is always looking out for you!

We just love drumming up new ways to make our VIP members happy. Our creative juices are always flowing and this is one more way to keep our gentlemen friends smiling.

How do You Rate Your Date?

Hobbyist’s feedback survey is now live! Musing about that gorgeous bombshell of an escort that left you speechless and floating on ecstasy? Quality is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we’re implementing the CG Survey. Now, you can privately evaluate your date by capturing those fresh thoughts that have stamped a smile on your face. Minutes after your meeting concludes, you will receive an email message wherein you can e-voice your rating by answering a few short questions with honest feedback.


How does she rank?

The CG survey includes about six questions for a simple rating system of one to ten. Our administrative staff will tally your answers making your date eligible for the Top Five City Girls. Examples:
10 – Is she off-the-charts awesome?
8 – Amazingly talented?
6 – Didn’t quite knock your socks off?
↓ – A one-time wonder?

We care about the merit of our independent escorts

Because City Girls is here for the long term, we have taken this huge step in showing how much we care about our VIP members. Further, we are firm believers that accountability leads to success. In this regard, our independent companions will care even more than they already do about your satisfaction. Their increased enthusiasm will provide incentive to become one of the Top Five City Girls by receiving stellar feedback. In the end, everyone is happy!


Rate your date in confidence

You all know that we are sticklers for privacy. That is why your answers to the CG Survey are totally confidential. Right now, the process is in beta mode. We are working on a feature by which survey results will be revealed to our VIP members. Stay tuned…

View current provider feedback

Already, survey results are rolling in! Check out the current Top Five City Girls here. See you at the polls!

The Redhead Project

Hey all you ginger-philes! Are you constantly scouting for some redheaded love? If you’ve got a weakness for brilliant goldilocks then this article is for you. But first, some foxy locks trivia:

• Romans kept red-headed slaves at a higher price because they were held in such high esteem in Roman art and culture. Thought to be strong and determined, they were more expensive than other slaves. Let’s read between the lines here: those beasty Roman dudes were turned on by their orange-haired vixens. Period.
• Russia means the ‘Land of Reds’ because the country boasts a high density of gingers in the Kazan region with over 10% of the population being redheads. Suggestion: feel free to voice your desire to the CG powers that be for more agent orange playmates!
• Extensive research has revealed that 40% of Brits carry ‘secret gingers’, meaning that portion of the population holds the mutated MC1R gene responsible for red hair.
• Adolf Hitler purportedly banned ginger marriages for fear of deviant offspring. But of course.


Yes, she is super feisty!

You have to be one helluva confident chick to walk around sporting a ten-alarm fire on your head. You’ll get aroused just spotting her across the room. While she’s not (necessarily) more promiscuous than blondes or brunettes, you can be sure that the spice factor is off the charts for gingers are characterized by their uncontrollably racy libidos.

Defining attributes of goregeousness you studs soooo crave

Some men are terribly turned on by frecklitis and what sexier waif to display them than on your succulent, redheaded date? While most flame-haired beauties have green or hazel eyes, red hair and blue eyes is about the rarest combination in the world. You probably won’t find a lot of tanned gingers since they burn easily when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Redheads cannot absorb sufficient Vitamin D due to low concentrations of eumelanin (pigment that produces brown – the lower the amount, the lighter the hair) in their bodies. Though this may sound like a disadvantage, gingers can actually produce their own vitamin D when exposed to low light conditions. Be informed that strawberry escorts are scientifically proven to carry a higher sensitivity to pain and temperature. While she may want you to fan her face, she may ask you to bundle a blanket around her pretty toes. How endearing is that?

Do all redheads have fire bushes?

While this is never a question to ask upfront – unless of course, she offers – natural redheads most certainly have a matching patch down below, if any at all. Since ginger lovers are drawn to the fiery color and nature of such an escort, chances are good that these gents like their brindys to have at least a landing strip or maybe a bit of soft fur down there. What’s more, often the ‘inner skin tone’ of your redheaded date has a lot of pink in the pigment which some men may consider a tantalizing feast waiting for the taking.


At City Girls, we love red

If you’d like to binge on a salacious redhead, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are an apricot-loving gent or a man with a penchant for amber-headed escorts, we would love to accommodate an evening out with one of our sensual clementines. Take a peek through the pages of the CG site. You are sure to find an arresting red head sure to put the fire in your evening!

Happy Sexy Cinco de Mayo!

Hola Papacitas! In Spanish, that’s a warm welcome to all you debonair hobbyists out there trolling our website for a smokin’ hot independent escort on el Cinco de Mayo. Have we got any spicy specials? Si, Claro! But of course! Read on love enthusiasts, read on…

El Cinco de Mayo began in Mexico back in 1862 when the Mexican army triumphantly defeated French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Imagine the curvaceous acompaños (escorts) that awaited General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín to glorify him with their Latina kisses when he arrived home. What will you do to commemorate the fiesta?


Bailando con su fecha

Dancing with your date is a great way to kick off the sensuous festivities that await His Highness. Throwing back a few cervezas with your compadres is certainly well-deserved but where is that passionate mamacita in all of her physical splendor when the Mariachi band begins? Picture her long, shapely legs in mile high stilettos leading up to her bubble derriere beneath a micro mini skirt. She gives new meaning to salsa dancing, twisting that razor thin navel and bouncing those magnificent tetas all around you. Dios Mio! What is an hombre to do?

Hot tamales in barely there lingerie

We’re talking super caliente! Diehard curves, chiches delicious (grande or pequeña – you choose), firm posteriors and angelic features all accented in silky threads of intimate apparel. Most of that sexy attire is nothing more than a ceremonious veiling waiting for your hands to do the honors. What’s your pleasure?


On this joyous, margarita-filled occasion

Careful with the tequila and certainly don’t eat the worm. You’re going to need every ounce of your sobriety to soak up these delectable dolls dripping with desire who aim to please.

Attention! All you bikini bombshell worshipers

In observance of this south of the border holiday, City Girls is honoring its VIP members with a Cinco de Mayo Special you won’t want to miss. For only 250 per hour, you can celebrate the occasion with any of our participating independent escorts who will rock your world on the 5th of May.

Specials at City Girls Abound

Already have plans on el Cinco de Mayo that you just can’t break? Don’t fret, my friend. We are always thinking about our VIP gents which is why you should always check our Specials Page to see what goodies await your indulgence!


UTR Porn Stars: the Ultimate Experience in Discrete Dating

The ultimate in discretion, they are sumptuously beautiful bombshells with the highest in erotic aptitude yet nobody knows about them. They are mysteriously revered by men who desire them within a very tight circle that no one talks about and yet they are in demand. They are called UTR escorts and the thrills that they promise are coming to City Girls.


What is UTR?

Originating as a military term, UTR literally means ‘under the radar’ referring to military aircraft that would fly beneath radar detection so as not to be detected by enemy combat. Stealthy sirens of lust who move invisibly within the hobbying world borrow the term to imply that they maintain a very low profile. They are eccentric symbols of feminine essence sought after only by those who have had the privilege of dating them. These ladies date only a select few (and we are not exaggerating) and they are gentlemen trusted not to exploit their true identities. As such, they may experience low volume, unbacked by stacks of reviews. if you are a hobbyist who loves to detail your experiences with the world in the form of escort reviews, or lean toward the haughtier side of behavior, UTR escorts are not for you.

Where does a UTR escort come from?

You have probably never heard of her. But as a VIP member of City Girls, your pristine track record has initiated you into a private world of exclusive dating called the VIP section which is the only place where our UTR escorts will be soon featured. Perhaps she is not famous to you but gradually, you recognize that she is a porn star celebrity gracing the screen of some of your favorite internet entertainment portals. Or, she may be a professional television personality from Europe or USA. Even reputable sports figures known in the media moonlight part time as independent escorts but only with choice gents who reap the rewards of their charm in exchange for confidentiality. In every case, UTR City Girls’ escorts are nothing less than drop dead gorgeous and desirous with bodies beyond delicious. Due to their exclusivity, these temptresses are in demand and naturally ask for higher donations.

ATTENTION! UTR EscortsCity Girls welcomes you!
Calling all UTR escorts searching for a safe haven where you can entertain with confidence:

City Girls is your new home.

If we may say so ourselves, the CG Club is where you belong. We have thousands of VIP members with stellar reputations – regulars, so-to-speak – from whom you can choose to date. Your profiles will be shrouded in our password-protected VIP section of the CG website viewable only by VIP members whom we allow into that section. You will enjoy City Girl’s solid reputation of trust, ethics and stability, critical factors when choosing a club to entrust your UTR persona. Connect with us for more information!

Guys: What’s it Worth to Spend Time with a UTR Escort? Select an answer that most closely represents your sentiments

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It’s National Weed Day!

To those who celebrate the sensual herb, we salute you! To all you ganjapreneurs, we know you partake for the sensual playfulness that it evokes when you go wild for the affection of a hot babe. We trust that you such gents always obey the laws of procurement because showing up stoned for your date is an emphatic no no. But whether or not you partake in the smoking of marijuana, April 20 or 4/20 is recognized by smokers and nonsmokers alike as a national holiday for cannabis culture. We would like to extinguish the hype surrounding just how 420 Day came into existence: it is not a code used by police officers to signal ‘marijuana smoking in progress’ nor is it a tribute to Adolph Hitler’s birthday. The holiday was most likely hailed by a group of brethren who used to gather daily at 4:20pm at a high school in Marin County, California. They were called ‘Waldos’ because they met daily at a certain wall to smoke. One of the members knew the bassist from the Grateful Dead which lead to popularization of the term, so the story goes. One day, Deadheads in Oakland, California passed out flyers inviting folks to smoke at 4:20 and one got into the hands of a former reporter for High Times Magazine and the rest is history. Let us muse further about this allegedly notorious counter-culture.


It’s Cannabis Christmas!

Don’t forget your New York 420 day map when joining thousands of blazed New Yorkers for more than 420 day parties that rival partying festivities anywhere else on the globe (Amsterdam, step aside!). Or maybe you’ll head to the celebration at Washington Square Park where gobs of fellow reefer regulars gather to peacefully protest America’s years’ long pot prohibition. Other hash holiday bashes include the Lebowski Fest NYC where high dudes dress up as their favorite character from the film The Big Lebowski; 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and the Sound Tribe Sector 9 concert for some chill instrumental rock.


Legalizing marijuana across the board

A great flowering of hemp legalization has occurred over the last 78 years. Despite a worldwide extinction campaign, pot grows both wild and cultivated on every inhabited continent. Since 1969, a growing consensus of American people are now in favor of ganja smoking for recreational use. In the wake of changing attitudes, many states have forged their laws in favor of the green. Among the 24 states where purchasing weed is legal are Colorado, District of Columbia (yes, some of society’s elite politicians are getting high), Alaska, Arizona and of course, California. While we remain neutral on the topic, why not? Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are legal. Enough said.

What grass is good for

Medical benefits are quite helpful for some including elimination of chronic pain, treating glaucoma, improving lung health from tobacco abuse, controlling epileptic seizures, prevention of cancer-spreading diseases and anxiety reduction, among many others.
• Cannabis use often includes an enhancement of intellectual abilities in the form of pattern recognition and lateral thinking, both key aspects in scientific innovation and discovery.
• A propensity for open communication, non violence and sensual playfulness
• Refinement of the intellect and artistic vision

A drug’s a drug’s a drug

It’s still a drug and bad things can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. As with anything, moderation is key though we are certainly not condoning the use of marijuana. If you choose to join the worldwide Cannabis culture, smoke at your own risk.

Your Fetish for Exotic Women

Do you fantasize about a woman of foreign origin with strikingly beautiful features, long dark tresses that cascade down her back and brilliant, piercing eyes? Or perhaps she is unusually stunning with creamy, porcelain skin, silky black hair washing down her shoulders surrounding dark, almond-shaped eyes. In either case, her flawless figure was seemingly carved by an artist and you’ve got to be the luckiest man alive. What are your standards for defining exotic beauty?

Strangely beauteous escorts with enticing tongues

Empowered with an erotic accent that fires with arousal, you are finished almost before you begin. If she is an escort of Brazilian or South American descent her thick, colorful voice comes from a history rich with spicy passion. If she is a companion of Indian or Middle Eastern lineage, her native-tinted tongue inflects promises of intense romance. Ebony escorts from the Caribbean, Africa and even Great Britain speak with an infatuating dialect that many men find irresistibly seductive.

porsha ebony escort

Ooh! La La! That tanned skin tone and penetrating eye color

Glowing, caramel-colored skin, electric green eyes and long, midnight locks are a combination to send any gent spiraling over the top. Dark-complected escorts with tight, voluptuous bodies simply scream eroticism. But their fair-colored sisters are not to be taken lightly (pun intended). There is something terribly titillating about a lithe creature with milky white skin, dark sensual eyes and straight satin hair the color of onyx that turns on the man with an affinity for Asian lust. Her body is lean yet shapely and very often spinner-like petite with an air of innocence soon to be shattered by her naughty disposition.

ayka asian doll

Does culture determine an exotic woman’s sexual disposition?

On the outside chance that we are stereotyping, some men distinguish an exotic escort’s lustful appetite and style by her culture. While we all like to believe (mostly affirmative) that all exotic muses are driven by their desire to please, perhaps it is true that Latina playmates are more ambitious while Asian dolls are on more on the subservient side. The Kama Sutra after all, emerged from India which does not explain the dichotomy of why Indian women are viewed as conservative when it comes to intimacy. Here at City Girls, we beg to differ. On the other hand, French escorts breathe sensuality and are quite overt about it, asserting their physical desires as naturally as the day is long.

For some, exotic is akin to kinky

We’ll just glide over the surface on this one for every man has his own idea of kink and what floats his boat. Maybe the voyeur in your would like to play with your exotic date when she is dressed up as a nurse, flight attendant or even a dominatrix for some sinful, spanking fun. For the gentleman whose aphrodisia is evoked by an exotic vixen regaled in threads of glamorous lingerie, the kink is all about real life interaction with a fantasy paramour who otherwise only inhabits his dreams.

What qualifies as exotic in your little black book of beauties?

She appears dramatically stunning, more than any woman you’ve ever known. You are intrigued by her foreign heritage, adorable pronunciation of the English language and uninhibited longing to satisfy. She flaunts her delicious body all around you, simply exploding with seduction. She is the stuff fantasies are made of yet she’s real, oh so very real. If you have experienced one of City Girls’ exotic escorts, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

porsha black escort

Bikini Culture – Talking About Tan Lines

Itsy bitsy tan lines barely covering her Brazilian are so hot because you get to see what the sun has not. Your date is about to hijack your sex life with clearly defined love lines that reveal a vajayjay eager to say ‘hello’ in all its yummy whiteness. It is a perilously short trip to envision what you will do with that sex pot of an escort and her bronzy sun stripes. Exotic tan lines are a true testament to just how comfortable an escort feels with her body. What kind of tan line gives you a rise?

tan lines

Brazilian dental floss

Those contrasting stripes climbing around her slender hips disappearing into a bare tongue haven which when viewed from the backside can give a man cardiac arrest. To the true buttaholic, all those sweet ingredients tucked into Brazilian dental floss reveal a proudly tanned bubble bunda and you’re about to break all the rules (if there are any).

String bikini triangle

The neurological response of a man’s brain when he lays eyes on that creamy white femme zone that hasn’t seen the sun in forever is cerebrally chaotic. It’s a tease in the best sense when an independent escort has hit it hard at the beach and struts her stuff in golden-brown skin featuring that little white triangle that is a red flag for passion.


Tiny T’s tan lines

She has a nicely curved body with a fantastic ass, nice legs and…oh yes…those ripe, perky ta’s. She loves to show off her body especially when her irresistibly plump pair are pointing straight at you with the most deliciously defined tan line you’ve ever seen.

Tan lines that command attention

She unveils a temple of lust, revealing the cutest muff from a pronounced triangle of bronzed goodness and your masculinity is mush in her hands. Tight firmness goes without saying as the milkiness of her overflowing breasts glow with happiness. She kills it from behind with an explicitly noticeable tan line running right up her posterior and the unthinkably scandalous ideas that race through your mind are endless.

City Girls is positively pious about tan lines

We realize how crazy you are for sun-kissed hips encasing a booty pop lined by the sun which is why we are devoted to your affections. When included in the full package (our specialty), your independent escort is a luscious recipe exploding with tan lined possibilities.

So, gents, tan lines or not? That is the question!

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Putting the Tickle in Your Tax Day

Procrastinators, listen up! This tax season we can all thank President Abraham Lincoln for three extra days of scrambling to get your tax returns filed. For some of you pussyfooting hobbyists, this federal delay could present an opportunity to have some escort-lovin’ fun.

Happy Emancipation Day, America!

It’s called D.C. Emancipation Day, that holiday known by few outside of the District. Emancipation Day marks the signing by President Lincoln of the Emancipation Act of 1862 which abolished slavery. Since D.C. will celebrate on Friday, April 15th, the 2016 tax season deadline has been pushed forward to Monday, April 18th. We think the arrangement provides a great incentive to get a little patriotic with a bodacious blonde with a sizzling hot bod.

tax d

When you just can’t be bothered

Or perhaps you will be bothered all night by that delicious brunette independent escort and don’t have the time to file your returns in which case think ahead and file for an extension. You’ll be needing that IRS form 4868 which your CPA should know all about. You gents whose returns stack more than three inches know what we’re talking about. If your tax returns pile high, chances are excellent you own at least a business or two, maybe more and Uncle Sam is waiting with open hands (we’re waiting with two yummy dames). If you’ve got the accountant in your back pocket as you should by now, he’s sure to pinch and scrimp here and there, shaving off enough bucks to fuel a night on the town with a few of our shapely babes. Can you say… ménage à trois?

Make good on your two-day tax reprieve

A jaw-dropping muse with tight curves and hellacious mounds is waiting to celebrate Emancipation Day with you. Chances are excellent she’ll be adorned in star-spangled lingerie displaying a tremendous amount of skin smooth enough to freeze any bank account. As we take this time of year to bow down to the omnipotent IRS, your lady will bow down to the almighty wonder that is your manhood. What an experience to savor!

For those folks who really drag their feet

The IRS is not going to take a rain check if you do not file your tax returns on time. Rather, they’ll hit you up with a penalty which you could otherwise spend on taking your lovely date to dinner. If you are a delaying tax payer, your best bet is to find a post office in your area that closes late so as to acquire the necessary April 18th date stamp on your manila envelope. Put a hop in your step by scheduling a midnight rendezvous immediately following deliverance at the post office. If you contact us early enough, we’ll arrange a date with one of our exquisite blonde bombshells who will spend the earlier part of the evening primping herself to your liking. Grab a bottle of fine bubbly on the way and she’ll greet you with open arms and a sensual hug. What a fabulous way to bid farewell to the IRS and set sail for another fiscal year!