UTR Porn Stars: the Ultimate Experience in Discrete Dating

The ultimate in discretion, they are sumptuously beautiful bombshells with the highest in erotic aptitude yet nobody knows about them. They are mysteriously revered by men who desire them within a very tight circle that no one talks about and yet they are in demand. They are called UTR escorts and the thrills that they promise are coming to City Girls.


What is UTR?

Originating as a military term, UTR literally means ‘under the radar’ referring to military aircraft that would fly beneath radar detection so as not to be detected by enemy combat. Stealthy sirens of lust who move invisibly within the hobbying world borrow the term to imply that they maintain a very low profile. They are eccentric symbols of feminine essence sought after only by those who have had the privilege of dating them. These ladies date only a select few (and we are not exaggerating) and they are gentlemen trusted not to exploit their true identities. As such, they may experience low volume, unbacked by stacks of reviews. if you are a hobbyist who loves to detail your experiences with the world in the form of escort reviews, or lean toward the haughtier side of behavior, UTR escorts are not for you.

Where does a UTR escort come from?

You have probably never heard of her. But as a VIP member of City Girls, your pristine track record has initiated you into a private world of exclusive dating called the VIP section which is the only place where our UTR escorts will be soon featured. Perhaps she is not famous to you but gradually, you recognize that she is a porn star celebrity gracing the screen of some of your favorite internet entertainment portals. Or, she may be a professional television personality from Europe or USA. Even reputable sports figures known in the media moonlight part time as independent escorts but only with choice gents who reap the rewards of their charm in exchange for confidentiality. In every case, UTR City Girls’ escorts are nothing less than drop dead gorgeous and desirous with bodies beyond delicious. Due to their exclusivity, these temptresses are in demand and naturally ask for higher donations.

ATTENTION! UTR EscortsCity Girls welcomes you!
Calling all UTR escorts searching for a safe haven where you can entertain with confidence:

City Girls is your new home.

If we may say so ourselves, the CG Club is where you belong. We have thousands of VIP members with stellar reputations – regulars, so-to-speak – from whom you can choose to date. Your profiles will be shrouded in our password-protected VIP section of the CG website viewable only by VIP members whom we allow into that section. You will enjoy City Girl’s solid reputation of trust, ethics and stability, critical factors when choosing a club to entrust your UTR persona. Connect with us for more information!

Guys: What’s it Worth to Spend Time with a UTR Escort? Select an answer that most closely represents your sentiments

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It’s National Weed Day!

To those who celebrate the sensual herb, we salute you! To all you ganjapreneurs, we know you partake for the sensual playfulness that it evokes when you go wild for the affection of a hot babe. We trust that you such gents always obey the laws of procurement because showing up stoned for your date is an emphatic no no. But whether or not you partake in the smoking of marijuana, April 20 or 4/20 is recognized by smokers and nonsmokers alike as a national holiday for cannabis culture. We would like to extinguish the hype surrounding just how 420 Day came into existence: it is not a code used by police officers to signal ‘marijuana smoking in progress’ nor is it a tribute to Adolph Hitler’s birthday. The holiday was most likely hailed by a group of brethren who used to gather daily at 4:20pm at a high school in Marin County, California. They were called ‘Waldos’ because they met daily at a certain wall to smoke. One of the members knew the bassist from the Grateful Dead which lead to popularization of the term, so the story goes. One day, Deadheads in Oakland, California passed out flyers inviting folks to smoke at 4:20 and one got into the hands of a former reporter for High Times Magazine and the rest is history. Let us muse further about this allegedly notorious counter-culture.


It’s Cannabis Christmas!

Don’t forget your New York 420 day map when joining thousands of blazed New Yorkers for more than 420 day parties that rival partying festivities anywhere else on the globe (Amsterdam, step aside!). Or maybe you’ll head to the celebration at Washington Square Park where gobs of fellow reefer regulars gather to peacefully protest America’s years’ long pot prohibition. Other hash holiday bashes include the Lebowski Fest NYC where high dudes dress up as their favorite character from the film The Big Lebowski; 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and the Sound Tribe Sector 9 concert for some chill instrumental rock.


Legalizing marijuana across the board

A great flowering of hemp legalization has occurred over the last 78 years. Despite a worldwide extinction campaign, pot grows both wild and cultivated on every inhabited continent. Since 1969, a growing consensus of American people are now in favor of ganja smoking for recreational use. In the wake of changing attitudes, many states have forged their laws in favor of the green. Among the 24 states where purchasing weed is legal are Colorado, District of Columbia (yes, some of society’s elite politicians are getting high), Alaska, Arizona and of course, California. While we remain neutral on the topic, why not? Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are legal. Enough said.

What grass is good for

Medical benefits are quite helpful for some including elimination of chronic pain, treating glaucoma, improving lung health from tobacco abuse, controlling epileptic seizures, prevention of cancer-spreading diseases and anxiety reduction, among many others.
• Cannabis use often includes an enhancement of intellectual abilities in the form of pattern recognition and lateral thinking, both key aspects in scientific innovation and discovery.
• A propensity for open communication, non violence and sensual playfulness
• Refinement of the intellect and artistic vision

A drug’s a drug’s a drug

It’s still a drug and bad things can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. As with anything, moderation is key though we are certainly not condoning the use of marijuana. If you choose to join the worldwide Cannabis culture, smoke at your own risk.

Your Fetish for Exotic Women

Do you fantasize about a woman of foreign origin with strikingly beautiful features, long dark tresses that cascade down her back and brilliant, piercing eyes? Or perhaps she is unusually stunning with creamy, porcelain skin, silky black hair washing down her shoulders surrounding dark, almond-shaped eyes. In either case, her flawless figure was seemingly carved by an artist and you’ve got to be the luckiest man alive. What are your standards for defining exotic beauty?

Strangely beauteous escorts with enticing tongues

Empowered with an erotic accent that fires with arousal, you are finished almost before you begin. If she is an escort of Brazilian or South American descent her thick, colorful voice comes from a history rich with spicy passion. If she is a companion of Indian or Middle Eastern lineage, her native-tinted tongue inflects promises of intense romance. Ebony escorts from the Caribbean, Africa and even Great Britain speak with an infatuating dialect that many men find irresistibly seductive.

porsha ebony escort

Ooh! La La! That tanned skin tone and penetrating eye color

Glowing, caramel-colored skin, electric green eyes and long, midnight locks are a combination to send any gent spiraling over the top. Dark-complected escorts with tight, voluptuous bodies simply scream eroticism. But their fair-colored sisters are not to be taken lightly (pun intended). There is something terribly titillating about a lithe creature with milky white skin, dark sensual eyes and straight satin hair the color of onyx that turns on the man with an affinity for Asian lust. Her body is lean yet shapely and very often spinner-like petite with an air of innocence soon to be shattered by her naughty disposition.

ayka asian doll

Does culture determine an exotic woman’s sexual disposition?

On the outside chance that we are stereotyping, some men distinguish an exotic escort’s lustful appetite and style by her culture. While we all like to believe (mostly affirmative) that all exotic muses are driven by their desire to please, perhaps it is true that Latina playmates are more ambitious while Asian dolls are on more on the subservient side. The Kama Sutra after all, emerged from India which does not explain the dichotomy of why Indian women are viewed as conservative when it comes to intimacy. Here at City Girls, we beg to differ. On the other hand, French escorts breathe sensuality and are quite overt about it, asserting their physical desires as naturally as the day is long.

For some, exotic is akin to kinky

We’ll just glide over the surface on this one for every man has his own idea of kink and what floats his boat. Maybe the voyeur in your would like to play with your exotic date when she is dressed up as a nurse, flight attendant or even a dominatrix for some sinful, spanking fun. For the gentleman whose aphrodisia is evoked by an exotic vixen regaled in threads of glamorous lingerie, the kink is all about real life interaction with a fantasy paramour who otherwise only inhabits his dreams.

What qualifies as exotic in your little black book of beauties?

She appears dramatically stunning, more than any woman you’ve ever known. You are intrigued by her foreign heritage, adorable pronunciation of the English language and uninhibited longing to satisfy. She flaunts her delicious body all around you, simply exploding with seduction. She is the stuff fantasies are made of yet she’s real, oh so very real. If you have experienced one of City Girls’ exotic escorts, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

porsha black escort

Bikini Culture – Talking About Tan Lines

Itsy bitsy tan lines barely covering her Brazilian are so hot because you get to see what the sun has not. Your date is about to hijack your sex life with clearly defined love lines that reveal a vajayjay eager to say ‘hello’ in all its yummy whiteness. It is a perilously short trip to envision what you will do with that sex pot of an escort and her bronzy sun stripes. Exotic tan lines are a true testament to just how comfortable an escort feels with her body. What kind of tan line gives you a rise?

tan lines

Brazilian dental floss

Those contrasting stripes climbing around her slender hips disappearing into a bare tongue haven which when viewed from the backside can give a man cardiac arrest. To the true buttaholic, all those sweet ingredients tucked into Brazilian dental floss reveal a proudly tanned bubble bunda and you’re about to break all the rules (if there are any).

String bikini triangle

The neurological response of a man’s brain when he lays eyes on that creamy white femme zone that hasn’t seen the sun in forever is cerebrally chaotic. It’s a tease in the best sense when an independent escort has hit it hard at the beach and struts her stuff in golden-brown skin featuring that little white triangle that is a red flag for passion.


Tiny T’s tan lines

She has a nicely curved body with a fantastic ass, nice legs and…oh yes…those ripe, perky ta’s. She loves to show off her body especially when her irresistibly plump pair are pointing straight at you with the most deliciously defined tan line you’ve ever seen.

Tan lines that command attention

She unveils a temple of lust, revealing the cutest muff from a pronounced triangle of bronzed goodness and your masculinity is mush in her hands. Tight firmness goes without saying as the milkiness of her overflowing breasts glow with happiness. She kills it from behind with an explicitly noticeable tan line running right up her posterior and the unthinkably scandalous ideas that race through your mind are endless.

City Girls is positively pious about tan lines

We realize how crazy you are for sun-kissed hips encasing a booty pop lined by the sun which is why we are devoted to your affections. When included in the full package (our specialty), your independent escort is a luscious recipe exploding with tan lined possibilities.

So, gents, tan lines or not? That is the question!

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Putting the Tickle in Your Tax Day

Procrastinators, listen up! This tax season we can all thank President Abraham Lincoln for three extra days of scrambling to get your tax returns filed. For some of you pussyfooting hobbyists, this federal delay could present an opportunity to have some escort-lovin’ fun.

Happy Emancipation Day, America!

It’s called D.C. Emancipation Day, that holiday known by few outside of the District. Emancipation Day marks the signing by President Lincoln of the Emancipation Act of 1862 which abolished slavery. Since D.C. will celebrate on Friday, April 15th, the 2016 tax season deadline has been pushed forward to Monday, April 18th. We think the arrangement provides a great incentive to get a little patriotic with a bodacious blonde with a sizzling hot bod.

tax d

When you just can’t be bothered

Or perhaps you will be bothered all night by that delicious brunette independent escort and don’t have the time to file your returns in which case think ahead and file for an extension. You’ll be needing that IRS form 4868 which your CPA should know all about. You gents whose returns stack more than three inches know what we’re talking about. If your tax returns pile high, chances are excellent you own at least a business or two, maybe more and Uncle Sam is waiting with open hands (we’re waiting with two yummy dames). If you’ve got the accountant in your back pocket as you should by now, he’s sure to pinch and scrimp here and there, shaving off enough bucks to fuel a night on the town with a few of our shapely babes. Can you say… ménage à trois?

Make good on your two-day tax reprieve

A jaw-dropping muse with tight curves and hellacious mounds is waiting to celebrate Emancipation Day with you. Chances are excellent she’ll be adorned in star-spangled lingerie displaying a tremendous amount of skin smooth enough to freeze any bank account. As we take this time of year to bow down to the omnipotent IRS, your lady will bow down to the almighty wonder that is your manhood. What an experience to savor!

For those folks who really drag their feet

The IRS is not going to take a rain check if you do not file your tax returns on time. Rather, they’ll hit you up with a penalty which you could otherwise spend on taking your lovely date to dinner. If you are a delaying tax payer, your best bet is to find a post office in your area that closes late so as to acquire the necessary April 18th date stamp on your manila envelope. Put a hop in your step by scheduling a midnight rendezvous immediately following deliverance at the post office. If you contact us early enough, we’ll arrange a date with one of our exquisite blonde bombshells who will spend the earlier part of the evening primping herself to your liking. Grab a bottle of fine bubbly on the way and she’ll greet you with open arms and a sensual hug. What a fabulous way to bid farewell to the IRS and set sail for another fiscal year!

The Science Behind Men Who Prefer Blondes

Calling all blonde-worshipping studs! Your woman’s hair color can determine how steamy your sex life is going to be. When you want to give it a tug, how do you like your locks? Research says that blondes really do get more bang for their buck (pun intended) because they do the deed most often. Her eyes may be brilliant blue or mysterious brown but the secret is the same – when it’s time to get a little nasty this superior beauty of an escort is positively scandalous!

blonde escort

What shade of blonde do you fancy?

Alfred Hitchcock was obsessed with blondes and cast only blondes in his movies. From white blonde (platinum) to dark golden blonde (dirty) to strawberry blonde (the rarest of them all), these Playboy centerfold types of independent escorts are considered by many to carry the most seductive power over men. The blondes who do not have creamy light, porcelain skin that screams eroticism have sun kissed golden tans that cause you the admirer to undress them with your eyes even before hello. When coupled with curves that beg for your hands and a bubble derriere the turn on of the century, the gentleman in her presence is in for an evening that will change the way he views women all together.
Cataleya blonde escort

Where did blondes originate?

The word ‘blonde’ is French and comes in masculine (blond) and feminine (blonde) forms.
Science will tell you that blonde hair evolved in sun-deficient climates so that the body could synthesize vitamin D more efficiently. Genetically speaking, a change in the four-letter DNA code, that is, from an ‘A’ to a ‘G’ factors into the blonde equation. This switch in the code reduces the activity of a gene called Kit ligand which is associated with hair color by about 20 percent as compared to brunettes. There are a total of 24 DNA variants that determine hair color. Research tells us that blond hair is not related to any other characteristic which debunks the theory that blondes are not as smart as their darker-haired rivals. Nonetheless, their untarnished beauty speaks of pure youthfulness and sensual prowess which so many men find sexually intoxicating.

blonde escort

Cash in on the high value of blondes

Only about two percent of the world is blonde. Technically, this means that your chances of scoring a night popping with fireworks featuring a fair-headed angel of a muse is slim. However, if you haven’t noticed already, we would like to call your attention to the ‘fair’ amount of blonde independent escorts that frequent the CG Club. We are talking beautiful blonde packages comprised of free-flowing locks, skin like nectar, the firmest of curves, legs that go on forever and personalities that shine. Even if you’ve got a taste for dark and spicy, isn’t it time you put a little champagne, strawberry or honey into your love life? We think so.

Gentlemen, what shade of blonde do you prefer?

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blonde escort

blonde escort


The Doofus Act of Ditching Your Date

We are talking about the major no no, the unspeakable action of a hobbyist who dares to stand up his date for reasons she’ll never be privy to. However dreadful the thought, it happens all the time with escort agencies and independent escorts. Tables turned, we have all heard stories about escorts who have ditched their clients shortly into the encounter. In either case, shame! Shame! The good news is that any kind of ditching simply does not happen with City Girls.

When we book, we deliver

If your engagement is set for Thursday at 7pm, you can be sure that your date will be waiting for you with bells on her pretty toes. City Girls was built on a solid foundation of trust and reliability. Inviting models or VIP members to the Club who are flaky or shady does not mesh with our motto. You can always count on City Girls to stand behind your appointment.

champagne flowers gift for escorts
Champagne glasses with red roses and little heart on white

Last minute cancellations? None here

Maybe you are one of many unfortunate gentlemen who have experienced this depressing dilemma. You were counting the seconds until your rapturous inamorata arrived only to receive a text – or worse, none at all – that she could not make it because she was having a bad hair day; or had to take her cat to the vet. Worse, you got her roses and a bottle of fine champagne, set the music and dimmed the lights only to wait. And wait. She did not show up at all. Your disappointment turns to frustration to anger until finally you blow the joint and race to your computer to write a scathing thread in one of the chat forums. With fingers smoking and libido smoldering, you post some nasty retort about her and this whole situation is toxic for everyone. At City Girls, this type of situation will never present itself. It just won’t.

The No Show Joe Schmoe

She’s impossibly stunning, unstoppably passionate and angelically sweet. Who on the face of this earth would stand up such an amoretto? But he did, that Joe Schmoe of a character who had total disregard for her time, not to mention effort that she put into beautifying herself just for him. For starters, the emotion let down is a terrible disappointment when this lovely companion could have made plans to spend her evening with another person of higher caliber. If you the reader have ever been stood up in your lifetime, you know what we’re talking about. It plain sucks.

The 3 RRR’s of Etiquette

By now, you’ve probably figured out that we are all about outstanding etiquette on both sides – independent escort and VIP member. We would never want someone to do that to us so we make darned sure that everyone entering the doors of the CG Club are:


We carefully navigate the waters of admission to the CG family, scanning for code behavior, comments and actions to ensure that they meet our standards. No, City Girls is not perfect. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. But we have written our own Golden Rule of Conduct which is not to be broken and we are diehard serious about it. Just thought you’d like to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

How to Stimulate Your Stamina

Male testosterone is that mythical wonder that turns a memorable date into one exploding with stamina. You know testosterone, that good ol’ T that makes a man a man? The holy grail of male hormones, testosterone peaks around age 20, then gradually reduces by about one percent a year starting around age 30-40. If you are into dating resilient escorts with gym-sculpted bodies, keeping up performance-wise can only optimize your experience. There are heaps of things you can do to up the intensity of your T.

testosteron production

Lift the heavy stuff

Working out your body’s biggest muscles – the glutes and legs – packs a huge hormone hit. For heaven’s sake, get your hobbying butt in the gym and start lifting weights. For added motivation, picture that dynamite independent escort prettying herself for a delightful evening of intimate entertainment just for you. The thought will certainly put the incentive in your workout and may even add a few extra reps to your squat set. Don’t forget your cardio and use those kettle bells to strengthen the much needed core. Still lacking motivation? Hire a trainer of the blonde, bodacious type. She’ll get your gym shorts in a roar.

Fatten it up

Diets with higher amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats have higher testosterone levels. We are not talking fried chicken, 40-ounce porterhouse steak or pizza. Check it out:
Monounsaturated – olive oil, almonds, avocados, peanut butter
Saturated – red meat, coconut oil, egg yolks, cheese

Young man exercising in gym
Young man exercising in gym

Get more sleep

Are you burning the midnight oil? Dealing with long days at the office or extended business trips in which you didn’t sleep a wink because of that passionate brunette with her curvaceous body wrapped around yours? Either way, lack of zz’s will tweak your T and you don’t want to fall asleep in the arms of that gorgeous creature, now do you!

Include these super foods in your diet

Maybe you’re a meat and potatoes man or perhaps even a vegetarian (in which case you’ll want to rule out animal proteins) but these yummy food items should become testosterone staples in your diet: bananas, mushrooms, black beans and acerola cherries.

Don’t believe the cholesterol myth

Did you know that testosterone is derived from cholesterol? There is a strong correlation between HDL cholesterol (the good one) and free testosterone (the one considered bioavailable, unbound to proteins and absorbable by tissue). Incorporating whole eggs into your diet can improve the lipoprotein profile for increased HDL cholesterol (and also improve or contribute to preventing a host of other health issues including heart disease). When you awake with a sleeping angel in your arms, pound a few poached eggs before you burst into morning recreation.


Sugar is the devil

Calling all sweetaholics – you know who you are! Research has found that sugar ingestion can cause a man’s testosterone to drop by up to twenty five percent. This is not good for performance when you have an epic evening planned with a gorgeous muse and you just chowed down on a candy bar driving to meet her. Keep in mind that sweet liqueurs are also loaded with sugar so when you go for that nightcap, think again. Are we getting the picture?

Ingest natural herbs and supplements to treat low T

While some of us are into homeopathy, the results are not always conclusive. On the other hand, ingesting natural, organic Chinese herbs can yield powerful results. If you are a man who wants to go the extra mile by increasing your libido and enhancing your performance, the following herbs are known throughout indigenous cultures around the world to increase testosterone levels: Fenugreek, horny goat weed (pun intended), Malaysian ginseng, puncturevine, Ashwagandha, yohimbe, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), pine bark extract, arginine, zinc, vitamin D (go on…do some pool time!), D-aspartic acid, garlic (in pill form, will not taint your minty breath), Korean red ginseng, Chrysin, saw palmetto (every man with a prostate over the age of 40 should be taking this, no questions asked). Hold off on buying the silly stuff – proprietary blends that feature words such as ‘Extreme’ or ‘XXX’. If you’re not into doing the research, see a Chinese herbalist. They’ll hook you up with the right herbs that will have your libido doing summersaults in no time. Your date will thank you.

City Girls is all about the power of your testosterone

Impaired sexual function is not something that a man needs for reasons we all are aware of. Let’s not even go there. Combine our tips and put them into practice because if you do, the fruits of your efforts will blow your testosterone off the manly map and all of our delectable dames will be asking for dates with you!

Men Who Date Spinners

When was the last time you trolled our website for a skinny hot chick and scored a date (or more)? We’re talking ϋber sexy petites with bangin’ bodies that fit neatly wrapped in your arms. Your personal choice of an independent escort is typically determined by how fast you can spin her or ‘carry’ her from the boudoir to the mini bar to grab another glass of vino – the two of you still intact. With City Girls, you can have your cake (or escort , as it were) and eat it too – no pun intended.


Modern day cult of spinners

Gents, we all know that you’ve earned major bragging rights after you have dated a petite escort. If not for the sheer novelty of her angelic size, maneuverability of her lithe body equals pure ecstasy. It’s just that spinners can do things that other girls cannot. After she consumes you like a professional cowgirl in a rodeo, she revolves around your person in a display of physical talent that blows your masculinity through the roof.

An erotic catharsis

As a man who likes to date spinners you are reborn on a regular basis. It is an intimately spiritual experience to be with an independent escort of the dainty type who naughtily spins like a top as she leads you straight to paradise. But don’t get us wrong. These agile tarts of beauty are bursting with self-confidence (largely due to their physical perfection) and know when it’s time to let you take the lead. Apart from the cuteness factor, they sport well-shaped posteriors from whence all of your other squeezes are measured. Her body is no taller than a minute though her desire for lust is a grand as the day is long. With curves that show signs of serious physical fitness, her ta’s are quite possibly on the smaller side but heck, they’re all natural and a delicious mouthful. Her spinning counterpart may proudly display twins of silicone but with a physique made in heaven, who’s to judge?


Rite of masculine passage

Repeated encounters with a trophy girlfriend of an experience can only lead to a manly metamorphosis of passionate. Her sensually mechanical abilities are far reaching, beginning but not ending with a figure that was meant to sanctify your soul. Whatever baggage you arrive with upon meeting your tiny date will most certainly be transformed into positive energy that re-affirms your manhood by the time the two of you hug goodbye. Don’t let her size fool you. She is a muse of potent sexual power and a universe of intimate prowess whose talent will take you on the ride of your life.

Spinners galore, City Girls style

Now that we’ve fired up your temperature about 200 degrees, isn’t it good to know that so many of our models are petite, compact and built for action? Whether you fancy a blonde, brunette or redhead, our independent escorts are not only gorgeous but brimming with eagerness to please. What a delightful combination! Is it any wonder why so many of our City Girls are spinners? As always, we are here to serve.